8 Ways That Disney Makes Dreams Come True

8 Ways Disney Makes Dreams Come True
8 Ways Disney Makes Dreams Come True

If you’ve been to Disney World, then you know that there is nowhere else like it. Here are some of Disney’s most magical traits!

8. Disney Is Magical

People are different when they are visiting Disney World. There is a pervasive positivity at Disney parks. Disney possesses a remarkable kind of magic, a contentment that feels both ethereal and memorable. Even the most ordinary things are more special than usual; you could just be eating a peanut butter sandwich, but eating it at Disney somehow makes that sandwich more magical! Some visitors might attribute their cheeriness to the typical vacation mentality, but the happiness that Disney-goers feel seems to be in its own unique category.

7. Everyone Is a Child At Disney

It is the only place on Earth where childhood is universally accepted for all ages. Where else in the world can you sing along to the Circle of Life without being seen as a strange person? At Disney World, everyone is allowed to share in the magic and the music. If you’re awestruck by the Magic Kingdom fireworks or giggling during Ellen’s Energy Adventure, the rest of the crowd usually is too. Mickey Mouse does not care if you’re thirteen years old or fifty-five; every Disney-goer is welcome, and every visitor is special!

6. Disney is Dreamy

You are constantly reminded of dreams’ capacity to come true. When you wish upon a star, you’re probably at Disney World. Disney characters are often singing about dreams, and the entire closing sequence at the Magic Kingdom revolves around the park’s iconic song, “When You Wish Upon A Star”. After watching the castle lights and the fireworks with people from all over the world, you really do head back to your resort with the heartfelt belief that dreams can and do become realities!

5. Disney Has Something For Everyone

There is a park for every dream. Walt Disney World is not called a “World” for nothing: there are four main parks to choose from, plus Downtown Disney and the water parks. You can and should visit each area during your vacation, but if you have specific dreams that you’ve always had, then Disney’s variety is exactly what you need! Have you always wanted to visit the Serengeti? The safaris at the Animal Kingdom will bring you into a beautiful—and accurate—replica of the African savannah. Have you ever dreamt of space travel? Space Mountain lets you experience it! With so many rides and parks to choose from, you can achieve things that you never thought you would actually do.

4. It’s Easy To Make ‘Disney Friends’

Bonding with strangers is both acceptable and easy. In any other place, it could be considered creepy to try befriending someone standing next to you; not at Disney World. Parents can often make friends by discussing their children, but new friendships are not just for parents. If you’re a teenager, a pair of newlyweds, or just a group of close friends, you can still meet lots of new people at Disney World. Disney’s magic unites everyone who experiences it, making people more cheerful and opening them up to friendships that could last for years!

3. Disney Cast Members Are Awesome

The Cast Members are always friendly. If an employee seems surly or agitated, it can have a debilitating effect on your vacation. This never happens at Disney World. Whether it’s a waiter or a bus driver, every employee has a smile on his or her face. Disney employees make you feel like you already know them, and these welcoming individuals can also be found on the Disney Cruises!

2. Disney Has Rides For Everyone

Disney rides, anyone? There are a lot of places that have roller-coasters, but there are no rides like the ones at Walt Disney World. Expedition Everest sends you hurtling down a mountain backwards, after all! However, it is not just Disney’s thrill rides that make the parks unique. There are actually several different kinds of rides at Disney World, and they can appeal to everyone from ages three to one hundred. Not a thrill-seeker? Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin is perfect for you. Do you like rides that stimulate your senses? Soarin’ takes you on a virtual flight over beautiful landscapes and even makes you smell the scents of each place! And, of course, there’s no better way to cool off on a hot day than stopping by the Kali River Rapids.

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1. Disney Is Delicious

There is food everywhere. You can literally walk around Dinoland U.S.A. chomping on a turkey leg, and there is absolutely no one who will judge you! With food stops all over the parks, Disney makes it clear that delicious meals are part of its magic. Of course, Disney food is not all Mickey waffles and ice cream bars; healthy food is at the parks and resorts too. If you are dieting, you can still enjoy all of the incredible restaurants and snacking opportunities that Disney has to offer; if you’re not, relax and have as many milkshakes as you want!

There is no end to the wonders of Disney World, and if you’ve ever visited, we’re sure you’ll agree!

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