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A Foodie’s Guide to Walt Disney World’s Coronado Springs Resort

Most Disney-goers head to the Wonderful World of Disney in order to enjoy its rides, its characters, and its awe-inspiring attention to detail. However, there is yet another wonderful way to experience Disney’s signature magic: through its food! Whether you are eating on the go within one of the Parks or sitting down at a reserved table to sample some fancy fare, you can be sure to receive delectable meals. And the best part? You can even have amazing food within your resort! If you’re a foodie who loves trying new delicacies and exploring different cultures’ signatures, try staying at the Coronado Springs Resort during your next Disney vacation—and keep reading to find out what it has to offer!


Credit: Disney

1. Barcelona Lounge

Coronado Springs Resort is known for its Spanish and Mexican cuisine, so start your vacation with breakfast in the Barcelona Lounge! This café was designed with Catalonia in mind, so you can expect delicious espresso accompanied by Spain-inspired pastries.  There are healthy options as well, such as blueberry-lavender honey yogurt—and when the afternoon hits, the bar begins transforming into a hotspot for unique cocktails!

2. El Mercado de Coronado

Once you start hankering for lunch or a midmorning snack, head to El Mercado de Coronado for a wide variety of foods, including easy on-the-go sandwiches! If you’re still in a breakfast mood, lemon-blueberry pancakes and the classic Mickey waffle are up for grabs; if you’re looking for something more savory, try beef nachos or an Italian panini! This establishment also has an excellent kids’ menu, featuring crowd-pleasers like macaroni and cheese.

3. Laguna Bar

Anyone from Spain could tell you that afternoons are a good time to unwind—and why not relax with a drink? This resort has several fantastic locations for cocktails, but the Laguna Bar is the perfect one for a casual lakeside siesta. We recommend the Mojito Frambuesa, which is a signature cocktail that includes guava, raspberry rum, and muddled blackberries!

4. Three Bridges Bar and Grill

Three Bridges

The Coronado Springs Resort has its own lake, known as Lago Dorado, and the Three Bridges Bar and Grill is located right in its center! Foodies will be particularly interested in the appetizers, which include mushrooms stuffed with chorizo and aioli, Szechuan peppercorn wings with soy-ginger and scallions, and manchego and Oaxaca cheese dip. If you and your fellow travelers are looking for a taste of American comfort food, this restaurant also offers chicken biscuit sliders with honey and blue cheese!

5. Maya Grill

Maya Grill Desserts
Credit: Disney

Southwestern American, Mexican, and Spanish signatures are all embraced at this resort, so foodies will be sure to enjoy exploring the menus, and there’s no better place to dive into Mexican cuisine than the Maya Grill. This restaurant prides itself on its ancient Mayan aesthetics, and the Mayan traditions extend to the meals and the foods’ presentation! As far as appetizers go, the camarones (which include tempura rock shrimp, mezcal aioli, and avocado mousse, all served on a corn tostada) are definitely worth a try. It’s difficult to choose any one entrée to recommend, since the menu offers several unique and powerfully-flavored choices (including seafood-based options), but the braised short ribs have a Oaxacan mole sauce and a Poblano potato gratin that is delectable! Finish off the night with a helping of chocolate panna cotta, featuring Mexico’s signature spiced chocolate and toppings like berry-adorned chantilly cream.

6. Dahlia Lounge


After fun-filled Disney days, why not end your nights with dinners on a rooftop? The Coronado Springs Resort has more than one stellar roof restaurant, and while they may have spectacular cocktails to offer, they also have foodie-approved menus. If you’re in the mood for a light evening snack, the Dahlia Lounge has cheeses and seafood platters that are jaw-droppingly good. Fans of charcuterie will gasp over the artisanal manchego cheese vertical, which is accentuated by honeycomb, quince jam, stone fruit, and grissini, and you do not have to be a food expert to recognize the quality in any of Dahlias’ unique tapas. Valdeon blue cheese tapas are complemented by fig and honeycomb, while the olive-oil-poached tuna is accompanied by delicious lemon and green onion aioli flavors. For non-tapas entrees, don’t forget to try the mussels, churros, and prawns!   

7. Toledo – Tapas, Steak & Seafood


The expression “Holy Toledo!” is probably not inspired by Coronado’s next rooftop restaurant, but we think that it should be! While the Dahlia Lounge features some remarkably-well-made seafood dishes, Toledo is in a class all its own. There’s charred octopus, garlic shrimp in a yellow pepper sauce, a “Flight of Four Pinxtos” that combines favorites from the Dahlia menu…and that’s only the starters! For entrees, Toledo continues to impress: the scallops (enhanced with a vegetable puree and artfully-plated roasted carrots), the black grouper with Valencia orange and Cipollini onions, and the red wine-braised short ribs all stand out, but the entire menu is a foodie’s dream. Vegans might enjoy the plant-based ‘seafood’ platter, which includes some faux crab-cakes and citrus-infused couscous, and the side of truffle mushrooms cannot be missed. For dessert, try the crema catalana, the chocolate-avocado mousse, or the signature Toledo Tapas Bar!

It’s no secret that Disney excels when it comes to food, and the menus in Coronado Springs Resort do not disappoint for food-lovers. With restaurants like these, it’s clear that Disney’s magic extends all the way into its kitchens— and right onto your plate!

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