A Louisiana Man Has Been Arrested And Banned From All Disney Parks

Michael Langston

Breaking News:

WESH 2 is reporting a man was arrested and banned from all Walt Disney World Properties after trying to enter Epcot with a loaded gun.

According to WESH the man’s name is Michael Langston from of Abita Springs, Louisiana.

The incident occurred on Monday morning around 9:55am at the entrance to Epcot.

Quoting from WESH

The affidavit said Michael C. Langston, 61, of Abita Springs, Louisiana, walked through the park entrance’s no-bag line, which allows guests without bags to bypass this portion of screening.

A Disney security officer chose Langston to go through the metal detector, at which point the man informed security that he was armed with a gun. A Disney supervisor and off-duty Orange County deputy were called to the gate, and Langston was escorted away from the guest area to a marked patrol vehicle nearby.

The deputy removed from Langston a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380 automatic with a full six-round magazine, in a case underneath a jacket tied around Langston’s waist the affidavit said.

The Disney security officer said had he not selected Langston to go through the metal detector, he believed the man would’ve entered Epcot without declaring he had a firearm with him.

Langston was arrested on suspicion of unlawful possession of a concealed firearm and issued a trespass warning from all Disney World property. The gun was placed into evidence, the affidavit said.

Guns are strictly prohibited on Disney property, even for those with lawful concealed-carry permits.

Why You Should NEVER Have These 8 Things In Your Bag At Disney Parks

For most of us bags, such as purses and backpacks are a necessity to bring into the park. Bags are allowed in all parks but see below for 8 things you should NEVER have in your bag when you visit a Disney park.

1. Alcoholic beverages or any illegal substances – these items are not allowed in any bags at any time. Many parks, such as Epcot, sell adult beverages that you can purchase and carry around the park. An exception to this would be prescription medicine. Make sure you carry the original bottle or container with your meds in it that have a proper label with your name and address on it.

2. Recreational devices with wheels – any devices with wheels are not allowed in the parks or in your bags. This includes skateboards, scooters, roller skates/blades or shoes with built in wheels. These items would make the park unsafe for other visitors and are not allowed.

3. Weapons of any kind – this also includes objects that appear to be weapons. Be careful when you pack your bag, especially if you have young ones, sorry no fake Indiana Jones guns or light sabers are allowed in your bag (although you can purchase them inside the park).

4. Glass containers – glass water bottles or any other kind of glass bottles are not allowed in bags at any time. There is one exception to this rule – small glass jars (baby food jars) are allowed in your bags!

5. Large tripods – large tripods for cameras or video cameras are not allowed in your bags. If you plan on bringing your DSLR or camera you’ll have to shoot by hand. The new “selfie” sticks or GoPro sticks are an exception to this rule and may be brought in your bag.

6. Masks – masks are not allowed in your bag or on your person at any time. If you’re coming with your little one in costume make sure to leave the mask at home. The only exception here being a medical mask.

7. Folding chairs – chairs are not allowed in your bags or to be carried into the park at any time. There are plenty of benches and other sitting areas in the parks. For parades, you can either sit on the curbs or watch the parade standing up.

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8. Pets or any animals of any kind – small pets or any live animals are not allowed in bags at any time. The exception to this item is approved service animals (like service dogs). Service animals have to on leash at all times and controlled by the owner. Service animals are not permitted on all rides at the parks.

Bonus tip: Plastic lids, straws and balloons are not allowed at Disney’s Animal Kingdom for the safety of the animals.

If you have a question about something you want to bring into the park that is not on this list, we recommend calling ahead of time to save you the trouble of getting to the bag check and having to turn around! The number to call is (407) 939-5277!

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