Animal Kingdom Lodge Welcomes Baby Pig

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The population of the Animal Kingdom Lodge at Walt Disney World Resort continues to grow, and the newest addition to the Animal Kingdom Lodge is particularly adorable! Dr. Mark Penning, the Vice President, of Disney’s Animals, Science & Environment department, recently shared photos of a baby red river hog that has been born.

“I am thrilled to introduce the newest addition to the red river hog family!”, Dr. Mark Penning said in the post on Instagram (Dr. Mark has a large following on Instagram, and shares many behind-the-scenes photos or videos from the work going on at the Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort). “Mom “Daisy” and dad “Cheech” welcomed an “a-boar-able” piglet to the world last month at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge,” he added. 
You can see some of the “a-boar-able” pictures in Dr. Mark’s Instagram post, shown below!
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The animal care team at the Animal Kingdom theme park is known for its care and devotion when it comes to keeping the animals (ranging from tigers to rhinos to porcupines) happy, healthy, and entertained. The Animal Kingdom workers do everything from creating specially-curated snacks for relatively wild animals to using abandoned perfumes to enrich animal environments or habitats for the wild animals, and they seem to do it all with a smile on their faces! 
Tiger, Disney's Animal Kingdom

A tiger in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Credit: Disney

Of course, it’s most likely not as hard to smile at work when you’ve got a cute newborn red river hog to observe and care for. There are also cute baby rhinos in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and these baby rhinos have been crucial arrivals for the endangered rhino species! 

Rhinos, Animal Kingdom

A baby rhino at the Animal Kingdom. Credit: Disney

“Under the watchful eye of our amazing animal care team, this little piggy will remain backstage bonding with mom and dad”, Dr. Mark Penning said on Instagram, referring to the young red river hog who has not yet received an official name. Hopefully, this young pig will take center stage with his family soon!

Is the Animal Kingdom Park your favorite Disney Park and theme park in Walt Disney World Resort, or do you prefer Disney Parks like the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios? 

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