‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ Teaser Trailer Is Released

avatar 2
Sam Worthington returns as Jake Sully in Avatar 2. Image Credits: 20th Century Fox

Avatar: The Way of Water is finally here! Ever since the first Avatar movie was made by James Cameron back in 2009, fans have been wondering about the second and third installments in the franchise (not to mention the fourth and fifth films that are planned too). The teaser trailer for this long-awaited Avatar sequel is finally here, so take a look below!

As usual, this Avatar movie is visually stunning. The graphics, motion capture, and design of the world are amazing. Fans of the Disney World attraction Flight of Passage will definitely agree! Although the trailer for the Avatar sequel has hardly any dialogue, it’s actually a fitting choice for a series that has consistently focused on being in its own category compared to other Disney movies.

AVATAR at Animal Kingdom

AVATAR at Animal Kingdom. Zoe Saldana plays Neytiri in the 20th Century Fox Avatar movies, opposite Sam Worthington as Jake Sully. Credit: Disney

Avatar films have a more mature, pensive, poignant feel to them than many blockbuster fantasy films, and this trailer makes it clear that that style is continuing in Avatar: The Way of Water. An aquatic setting will clearly be the main focus, which will provide for beautiful scenery; Kate Winslet actually broke Tom Cruise’s record for holding her breath underwater while filming this movie, and she also developed the ability to walk underwater!

Filming for the Avatar sequel mainly took place in New Zealand.

Avatar 2′s plot will focus on Jake Scully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) as they journey across Pandora and meet a new nautical group known as the Metkayina, including Kate Winslet’s character (a Na’vi called Ronal).

Flight of Passage

Flight of Passage, inspired by the Avatar film starring Sam Worthington as Jake Sully. Credit: Disney

Zoe Saldana is already done filming for both Avatar 2 and 3, and Sigourney Weaver is apparently already working on the fourth and fifth movies, so hopefully those will be coming to theaters in the next several years — although James Cameron did imply that they might only be made if the second and third movies do well.

Avatar: The Way of Water comes to theaters on December 16!

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