Beware of These 10 Things At Walt Disney World

walking shoes

4. Sunburn

Getting sunburned is not only miserable, it’s also dangerous for your long-term health. Florida sun can be very intense, so be sure to protect yourself even on cloudy days or in the winter. Sunscreen is a must, and remember to reapply it throughout the day. Hats can help protect faces, necks, and ears if you choose a style with a wide brim. Specialty clothing with SPF is a great choice, especially for the pool or water park where sunscreen can get washed and toweled away. And don’t forget sunglasses to protect your eyes!

5. Uncomfortable Shoes

I know you want to look nice on your Disney trip. You’ve planned the perfect outfit to go with your new Disney T. But be smart when you choose your shoes! I’m often amazed by the poor footwear choices I see at Disney World. You will be doing a lot of walking – usually several miles – so dress accordingly. Sneakers or walking sandals are a good choice. Whatever you pick, make sure it’s an “old favorite” shoe that you know won’t bother your feet. Now isn’t the time to break in your newest shoes, or you might end up with some very painful blisters.

6. Getting Sick

Getting sick on any vacation is such a bummer, and Disney World is no exception. Bring along a few over-the-counter meds to combat some of the minor maladies, like headaches, colds, or minor stomach upset. If you’re really sick, you can contact your hotel to get the names of local doctors or urgent care centers. There are some that can even pick you up in courtesy shuttle! Disney World can also be a place where you pick up a lot of germs, so be sure to wash hands thoroughly after using the restroom and before meals and snacks. Hand sanitizer can help as a quick “touch-up” between washings.

7. Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is the most-treated malady at Disney World. Summers in central Florida can be extremely hot and humid, with temperatures in the 90s and heat indexes well over 100. If you aren’t used to the climate, you might be surprised at how much it takes out of you. Be sure to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Stay in the shade when you can, and take frequent indoor breaks to cool off. If you can, consider visiting the parks in the morning, heading back to the hotel during the hottest afternoon hours, and returning in the evening. With summertime Extra Magic Hours running as late as 2am at Magic Kingdom, you’ll still have plenty of time in the parks!

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