Animal Kingdom Restaurants 101

Mickey Mouse at Tusker House for Lunch - Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened on Earth Day, April 22, 1998, and is the largest theme park in the world, encompassing 580 acres.  This fourth Walt Disney World park is dedicated and themed entirely around the natural environment and animal conservation, which was a philosophy inspired by Walt Disney himself.  The Animal Kingdom is  zoological and entertainment theme park divided into ...

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The Top 6 Reasons We Love Dining in Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom dining options are varied. Between the food carts, counter-service options, and sit-down restaurants, there are many reasons why we love grabbing a snack or a meal at the Magic Kingdom. No matter your palette or your appetite, we are confident that you’ll love dining at the Magic Kingdom for one (or more) of these reasons, too! 6. ...

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15 Things We Love About The Restaurants At Magic Kingdom

Hot Dog Casey's Corner

Every Disney fanatic knows that the dining experiences at Disney World have a lot to offer, from great food to unique meet and greet opportunities. The menus offer much more than standard “theme park fare” though food items of that variety are available as well. Magic Kingdom’s restaurants have something for everyone, no matter what your age or taste preference. ...

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The Best Places to Eat Healthy at Disney Parks

Honey Chicken

Although not everyone thinks about eating healthy while on vacation at Disney parks, there are plenty of ways to make sure you can still have delicious foods that are healthy for you. Here are a few options at each of the parks. So enjoy! Animal Kingdom Harambe Fruit Market – Here you can find a wide variety of fresh fruits ...

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Top 10 Snacks You Should Take With You Into Disney Parks


Disney dining is just as exciting as exploring the rides and attractions. Guests usually prepare months in advance to chow down on their favorite Disney meals. While the snacks at the parks are fantastic, they can definitely put a dent in your wallet if your whole family is munching on snacks all day long. Depending on the snacks you bring ...

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10 Disney Resort Restaurants You Cannot Miss

Kona Cafe

Guest have strong opinions when it comes to choosing between Columbia Harbor House or Peco’s Bills.  It’s a no-brainer to choose to have the Cobb salad at the Hollywood Brown Derby at Hollywood Studios.  Any buffet at the Tusker House is fantastic, so it only matters if we want breakfast, lunch, or dinner there.  What is a little more unknown ...

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4 of the Most Entertaining Dining Experiences at Walt Disney World

Cast Members

Walt Disney World is chock full of fun experiences. From attractions to shows and everything in between, they truly provide the best in entertainment. The same level of creativity and excitement that they pour into their shows and attractions is the same for their abundance of dining locations as well. Not only is the food outstanding, but also the theming ...

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4 Unique Foodie Experiences at Walt Disney World

Sci Fi Drive In

Many people travel to Walt Disney World for its world-renowned theme parks. The four parks are filled with timeless stories, innovative attractions and plenty of nods to the man and mouse that started it all. While the rides and entertainment are reason enough to make the journey to Orlando, there is one other reason to book that trip—the food. Disney ...

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10 Best Gluten Free Foods at Walt Disney World

Tony's Town Square Restaurant

Walt Disney World is one of the most visited vacation destinations in the world, and its popularity increses every year, with the addition of new and exciting attractions and rides, new Disney Resorts, and many new magical adventures. The Disney Company is known for its attention to detail and making sure all their guests have a very memorable experience. This ...

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15 Cheap Eats At Walt Disney World You’ll Love!

Mickey Bar Castle

I can briefly sum up the magic of Walt Disney World in three words:  fun, fantasy, and food.  You may wonder how food can add to the magic of Disney World.  It’s not so much the food as it is a culinary adventure, especially if you are trying to budget your spending.  Meals can range in price from those elaborate ...

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