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Robert Pattinson as Prince Naveen? Furious Fans Respond to Live-Action ‘Princess and the Frog’ Casting Theory

live-action princess and the frog

The Disney Princess from New Orleans, Princess Tiana, has been firmly placed in the limelight ever since her upcoming Disney Park ride (which is called Tiana’s Bayou Adventure) set plans in motion for the destruction of the classic Splash Mountain ride. Now, Princess Tiana is making headlines again — but this time, the Disney Princess might have a live-action story ...

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Bigger Guests Realize Disney Isn’t Making It Easier For Them

Bigger Guests criticize Disney rides

As a bigger Guest at any of the Disney Parks, there’s always that brief moment of panic just before you get on a ride for the first time. There is the general fear of the unknown, but there is also the question of what the ride vehicle will be like. More importantly, will that ride vehicle be big enough for ...

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National Urban League Blasts Gilzean/DeSantis Board For Removing DEI at Disney

National Urban League blasts removal of DEI at Disney

When the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District and its administrator Glen Gilzean announced that it would drop all DEI programs and race-based hiring practices, Gilzean made sure that he mentioned his previous employer, the Central Florida Urban League. But now, the National Urban League is blasting the decision to drop DEI programs and distancing itself from Gilzean. Related: DeSantis Board ...

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Disney’s Profit Engine Is Driving The Company Off A Cliff

Disney struggling with ESPN's Future

In the early 2000s, Disney CEO Bob Iger went on a spending spree. A few billion for Marvel, a few more for LucasFilms, and throw in Pixar while we’re at it. Disney was on a roll; why not buy as much of the entertainment industry as possible? Make the Walt Disney Company too big to fail. But where was all ...

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Disney Reportedly Scrapping Plans For Live-Action Remake

Disney Scrapping Hunchback Remake

Love them or hate them, Disney still appears to be determined to turn as many of its animated films into live-action remakes as possible. Some of the live-action remakes, like Cinderella (2015), Aladdin (2019), and Beauty and the Beast (2017), are loved by fans and considered good remakes. Others, like Dumbo (2019), Pinocchio (2022), and Lady and the Tramp (2019), didn’t go ...

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Abandoned Disney Restaurant Being Converted Into Lounge Space

Steakhouse 55 Lounge Space

In 2006, a brand-new high-end steakhouse opened in the Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Resort. The restaurant was Steakhouse 55, which replaced Granville Steakhouse, which had been a staple at the Resort since 1955. Steakhouse 55 transported Guests back to the golden age of Hollywood, with the 55 paying homage to the year Disneyland Park opened. The restaurant was known for ...

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‘Moana’ Begins Inspiring Campaign for Coral Reef Restoration

auli'i cravalho coral reefs

The original Polynesian Disney princess is back (albeit not in the live-action remake) with some good news for marine life! Auli’i Cravalho, the Hawaiian singer and actress who was plucked from her local talent show at the age of 14 and cast as the Disney princess named Moana, has just embarked on a heartwarming campaign to help save the oceans ...

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Animal Kingdom Unveils Adorable New Version of ‘Lion King’ Character

disney animal kingdom monkeys

According to the Disney Parks Blog, Rafiki the mandrill has a tiny new relative! A new mandrill — which is the species of monkey that The Lion King character Rafiki belongs to — has just been born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park in Walt Disney World Resort! The tiny baby mandrill might be small and only weigh about three pounds so ...

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Guests Share Traumatic Childhood Memories About a Disney Ride Geared Towards Younger Audiences

Snow White scary

Disney Parks are supposed to be a child-friendly experience. While the company has had some misses in the past, they have usually been corrected over the years. Many fans remember the intense Alien Encounter attraction as a standout misfire. However, this may not have been the biggest culprit of childhood trauma at the Parks. A ride still exists today with ...

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New ‘Snow White’ Faces More Backlash for “Making It Forbidden To Love a Man”

snow white rachel zegler

Many Disney Fanatics and movie theater visitors have cottoned on to the fact that Disney is making a conscious effort to be more progressive and more inclusive. This has alienated some Disney fans and pleased others, but when it comes to the upcoming live-action Snow White remake starring West Side Story actress Rachel Zegler, public opinions seem to be tilting in a generally ...

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