Celebrating Earth Day? Disney Recommends What to Watch

disney+ earth day greta thunberg

Earth Day is coming up, and D23 has shared its recommended Disney+ and Hulu content for nature lovers to enjoy! Watch these nature documentaries about wildlife and climate change activists to be educated about the animal kingdom and inspired for Earth Day!

Disney+ Earth Day

Credit: D23

If the idea of a “little town” that’s a “quiet village” in the countryside makes you long for that idyllic life more than the Disney princess Belle did, then you might love the Disney+ Earth Day special called The Biggest Little Farm: The Return from National Geographic!

This streaming special will come to Disney+ on April 22, Earth Day, and it is based on the 2018 award-winning documentary about two farmers named John and Molly Chester. The Chesters left Los Angeles for farming, and D23 compares the result to “a real-life Charlotte’s Web”.

Their farm Apricot Lane Farms might just inspire you to create your own garden and improve your backyard habitat (by adding variety to your plants so that the animal kingdom has vegetation on every level from grass to shrubbery to tree cover, using only native plants, adding rocks and sticks to bodies of water for animals to avoid drownings, and much more) — or perhaps you’ll just set up shop on your own farm!

Disney+ Earth Day

Credit: D23

If you love Uncharted adventures and Indiana Jones, then you won’t want to miss the next Disney+ Earth Day special, which is Explorer: The Last Tepui. This is another special from National Geographic, but it follows climber Alex Honnold and other experienced climbers (including National Geographic Explorer and climber Mark Synnott) on a 1,000-foot climb in the Amazon to reach a tepui (a biodiverse location known as the “island in the sky”). It will also premiere on Disney+ on Earth Day!

Disney+ Earth Day I am Greta Thunberg

Credit: D23

The name Greta Thunberg probably already rings a bell with you, because Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has been making huge changes in climate change action at a very young age. Hulu has a new Hulu Original documentary about Greta called I Am Greta, following her from the school strikes that made her famous to her moving speeches about the disastrous effect that climate change is having on the world and children.

Swedish director Nathan Grossman directed the documentary and it involves everything from “Thunberg’s one-person school strike for climate action outside the Swedish Parliament” to “her wind-powered voyage across the Atlantic Ocean to speak at the U.N. Climate Action Summit in New York City”.


We were already excited for Disneynature’s Polar Bear since Disneynature never disappoints, and this polar bear film (which is narrated by Academy Award nominee Catherine Keener and “tells the story of a new mother whose memories of her own youth prepare her to navigate motherhood in the increasingly challenging world that polar bears face today”) comes to Disney+ on Earth Day, April 22!

Be sure to check out the Earth Month collection on Disney+ this month for more educational and inspirational content about helping the wildlife on our planet, and our planet itself — after all, we only have one planet and one animal kingdom (aside from the Animal Kingdom Disney Park and the Animal Kingdom Lodge at Walt Disney World Resort)!

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