Marvel’s Chris Hemsworth Has A New Workout

Credit: Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth, the brawny blonde who plays Thor in the Marvel Studios films and all of the Avengers movies, has just given fans a glimpse of the work that he puts into maintaining his physique. In this case, Hemsworth is preparing for his role in the sequel to the action thriller “Extraction”, which is on Netflix, and he’s described this new workout routine as part of his focused shift “from heavyweight training [presumably his Thor workout] to a lot more bodyweight functional movements concentrating on agility, strength, and speed”.

Credit: Chris Hemsworth

The workout’s assigned moves are: a 3 minute boxing round, 50 squats, 40 “sit thrus”, and 20 reps of several core exercises that are performed while laying down. Lastly, there are 25 assigned push-ups. Hemsworth allows for 2 minutes of rest, and then repeats the entire thing four times!

Credit: Chris Hemsworth

Even though Chris Hemsworth suggests that this assigned workout will make anybody’s “lungs scream for mercy”, it’s clear from the video that he’s not struggling quite as much as the Average Joe! We’re not surprised; after all, Hemsworth has been in shape for his role as Thor for years of Avengers movies. He’s always been praised by fans for his muscular build (and admired by female fans for it); now, Avengers fans might see slightly different muscle on Hemsworth in Extraction 2!

Credit: Chris Hemsworth

The “God of Thunder” (and lightning, since Thor: Ragnarok) just wrapped filming “Thor: Love and Thunder” in New Zealand under the direction of Taika Waititi, who also has a role in the film as Korg (Thor’s lovable new sidekick). In addition to his acting roles, Chris also is involved with CentrFit, a fitness resource that’s run by his personal team of trainers. The father of three and husband to Spanish actress Elsa Pataky is also known for his love of surfing, which is another way that he stays in shape while at home in Australia.

Credit: Chris Hemsworth

Are you going to try this Chris Hemsworth workout? Have you tried any Disney-themed workouts, like these Tiana, Belle, and Moana ones?

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