‘Confessions of a Retired Disney Princess’ Returns

confessions of a retired disney princess cast member

Devout Disney fans or Disney princess fans might remember a certain viral video series from 2013 called Confessions of a Retired Disney Princess. In this series, a Disney Cast Member who had played Princess Jasmine and Pocahontas and a Disney Cast Member who had played Snow White at Walt Disney World Resort provided tons of behind-the-scenes information about everything from Disney auditions to the preparation for a day of their work in the Disney Parks, and answered fans’ questions in detail. Now, that Youtube channel has returned!

snow white cast member

Rachel Hankle as Snow White. Credit: @noordinarymomma

princess jasmine cast member

Jennifer Oakes as Princess Jasmine. Credit: @oakprincess

Jennifer Oakes is the woman who played Princess Jasmine in Walt Disney World Resort, and who has hosted most of the videos on the Youtube channel (aside from Rachel Hankle, her good friend who played Snow White in the Walt Disney World Resort Disney Parks and who often does the videos with her). After the first three-part series Confessions of a Retired Disney Princess took off and went viral back in 2013 and 2014, Jennifer Oakes created a wide variety of videos about Princess Jasmine, Aladdin, Pocahontas, and her experience as a Disney World and Disney Park face character. You can see more of the original series and some of her videos about playing the Disney princesses Pocahontas and Princess Jasmine below!

This Disney princess Youtube Channel went on hiatus for a while, but has just returned. Jennifer Oakes said in her return video that a focus on family and a lack of inspiration for new videos had contributed to the break between new content. She also added enthusiastically that she is hoping to revamp her Princess Jasmine videos in order to get the attention of the team making Aladdin 2, since acting is still a passion of hers!

Both Jennifer Oakes and Rachel Hankle always seem to be enthusiastic about receiving old photos from Disney Guests who met them while they were in character, so take a look back in your Disney photos and see if you recognize them (you can find them on Instagram as @noordinarymomma and @oakprincess)!

Do you remember Confessions of a Retired Disney Princess? Have you been following Jennifer Oakes’ Youtube channel all along, and are you excited to see that “Princess Jasmine” is back in action?

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