CONFIRMED: Disney Meet and Greets Return Without Social Distancing

character meet and greets

Even though the Disney magic has still been present for many Disney Guests during the socially distanced character Meet and Greets, some Disney Guests (particularly children) have felt less of a connection to Disney characters with a gap of six feet between them. Fortunately for any Disneyland Paris Guests who have felt that disparity during the pandemic, the Parisian Disney Resort is bringing back its meet and greets on a large scale!

princess tiana meet

Princess Tiana meeting a Disney Guest during a socially distanced Character Meet and Greet. Credit: Good Morning America

Disneyland Paris had already been allowing some Disney character hugs, but now more details have been provided about the Disney characters that Disney Guests can meet without social distancing. Disneyland Paris Resort has also confirmed that character dining will be returning from March 31 at the restaurant Auberge de Cendrillon for lunch and dinner, and at the restaurant Plaza Gardens for breakfast and dinner.

Since character dining and character breakfasts are a fond memory for many Disney Guests who have previously visited any Disney Parks or Disney Resorts, this is particularly good news!


Elsa Frozen

Elsa meets a Disney Guest without social distancing protocols.

When it comes to character Meet and Greets, Disneyland Paris Resort has confirmed that “Face Character Meet and Greets are returning to normal on April 1”. The characters included in this return to pre-pandemic meet and greets are Disney Princesses, Pixar characters, Star Wars characters, and Marvel characters.

gaston _ meet and greet _ disney world

Gaston from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ during a Meet and Greet at Walt Disney World Resort.

The Princess Pavilion will also reopen and operate as it used to before the COVID-19 pandemic began, and Meet Mickey will be returning to that level of operation as well!

winnie the pooh

Beloved Disney character Winnie the Pooh embracing a Disney Guest. Credit: @DLPReport

Even though Disney Resorts further afield have had to reinstate more COVID precautions (particularly Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and Shanghai Disneyland Resort), many Disney Guests will be happy to learn that Disneyland Paris is making Character Meet and Greets feel normal again. Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are allowing more normal Disney character meet and greets, too!

Are you excited to reunite with beloved characters like Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse, Disney princesses, Marvel characters, and Star Wars characters on a more intimate scale at Disneyland Paris Resort?

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