Director of ‘Encanto’ Confirms Fan Theory, Hints at Possibility of a Sequel

The latest hit from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Encanto (2021) has taken Disney fans by storm leading to the film becoming one of the most rewatched titles on Disney+, spawning a number of social media trends based on the movie’s soundtrack, and even sparking conversations about a sequel or place within Walt Disney World theme parks. Recently, Encanto director Jared Bush spoke with fans of the film on Twitter where he revealed some big secrets about the Madrigal family that had some fans wondering about how the hit Disney movie ended.

Throughout Encanto, viewers encounter each member of the Madrigal family who each have their own magical gift stemming from the miracle that Abuela has vowed to protect for the sake of the family, except for Mirabel Madrigal, voiced by Stephanie Beatriz. Things change for the Madrigals however when the power that lights the candle (aka the miracle) appears to be going out, which it does before the film’s resolution when the family come together to rebuild the home and celebrate the return of their gifts.

The family, and especially Mirabel, are very aware of her lack of miracle and given Abuela’s relationship with her and the importance of the miracle, it is not surprising that the revelation of Mirabel being in Bruno’s vision and therefore some kind of vital part of the keeping the miracle going, causes tension between the two characters.

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When the film ends and the Madrigals are coming together to rebuild Casita together, most viewers were under the impression that Mirabel had worked to save Abuela’s original miracle. Yesterday on Twitter, however, Encanto director Jared Bush revealed that Mirabel actually launched a new miracle altogether (sequel, anyone?!)

Bush wrote, “There are TWO miracles in #Encanto: Abuela’s, born of love for family, embodied by her candle, flame-colored magic, the 2nd: Mirabel’s, born of the same, embodied in casita, its colors… everyone’s. What’s next…I hope we’ll see.”

Mirabel and Abuela, Encanto

Credit: Disney

A fan theory had been floating around since the film’s theatrical release that questioned Mirabel’s role as the only member of the Madrigal family (besides Abuela) with no gift with some fans taking this to mean that Mirabel would ultimately take on the role once held by Abeula (again, sequel anyone?!)

On top of confirming the fan theory regarding a second miracle and Mirabel’s future role in the family, Bush also mentioned that he is hopeful about seeing something next. This is a cryptic tweet of course, but when coupled with fan reactions and the popularity of Encanto, plus widely circulated discussions that hint at it possibly becoming Disney’s next big franchise, it would not be all too surprising if a sequel were to happen for this Disney film.

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