‘Disney Adult’ Ridiculed for Crying at Sight of Cinderella Castle

Disney Adult Sees Cinderella Castle
Credit: @jordan.jacee (left), Disney (right)

Do you remember your first time visiting the Magic Kingdom and seeing Cinderella Castle? Entering the Magic Kingdom for the first time is a truly unforgettable experience, and one that many Disney fans likely do not remember if they first visited Walt Disney World as young children (though their parents probably do).

For adults heading to Disney World for the first time, the moment of first entering the parks comes with so much anticipation and excitement, and as this video shows, there is nothing quite like seeing Cinderella Castle for the first time:


Que the ugly crying. First time seeing Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kindgdom ? thank you @annadotee for the most unforgettable trip ever. #disneyworld #magickingdom #cinderella

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@jordan.jacee took to TikTok to share her first time walking down Main Street and seeing Cinderella Castle, sharing in her original post, “Que the ugly crying. First time seeing Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kingdom.” With a first visit celebration button on hand, Jordan’s experience mirrors one that many Disney fans can relate to experiencing, whether for their own first visit or for their kids on Main Street.

While the majority of comments on the video, and around the internet since the TikTok has gone viral, share that people are thrilled that the user got to visit the Magic Kingdom, the ugly side of the internet has been using the video as an opportunity to once again bash ‘Disney adults.’ Between other TikTok users posting their own responses poking fun at the video, and comments around social media, adults being happy at Disney always seem to garner quite an interesting reaction.

Comments on the video ranged from user @Ava replying, “I’m so scared of Disney adults,” to multiple variations of @izzyandersonz’s comment of “it’s just a castle what..” Lots of Disney fans came to the poster’s defense though, sharing thoughts like, “Sorry your video is getting so much hate, miserable people can’t stand to see someone happy, keep doing you,” from @spree.noel. One Cast Member even responded sharing that reactions like this one are part of why they enjoy making magic at Disney theme parks.

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Mickey Mouse

Credit: Disney

Despite how the internet tries to portray older, and perhaps childless Disney fans, so-called ‘Disney adults’ are really just like well, everyone else! Disney Parks were created for people of all ages to experience magical moments they would not have anywhere else, and individual interests in Disney aside, Walt Disney World has become such a cultural phenomenon that its no surprise that a first time visitor at any age would elicit such an emotional reaction to seeing Cinderella Castle. What’s more, who doesn’t love seeing someone else express how happy they are?!

Credit: Disney

A Disney castle isn’t the only sight to get fans emotional. Many Star Wars fans felt similarly at the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge or on early trips aboard the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser. And, a walk through Cinderella Castle seeing the classic Disney princess story told through beautiful mosaic murals, followed by a first look at Fantasyland, or even seeing Tinker Bell fly during the fireworks, or riding a classic like the Haunted Mansion could bring on the emotions on a Disney vacation, too.

For the seasoned Disney fan, videos like this one can be a nice reminder of why we love Walt Disney World so much. With different areas of the parks constantly changing, sometimes resulting in decisions to change or remove things that we don’t quite agree with, it can be easy to feel bogged down in the negativity, but it is always refreshing to see things from the perspective of a first-time Guests at the theme parks seeing Cinderella Castle or Disney characters to start feeling the Disney parks magic again.

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