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Disney Characters You Can See Without A Park Pass And Where To Find Them

Goofy at Cape May Cafe

6. Donald Duck

Where to go: Cape May Cafe and Chef Mickey’s
Nobody can resist a meet-and-greet with Donald Duck, even if he is a little grumpy. Therefore, you’ll probably want to reserve a character meal that includes this classic character.  Fortunately, Donald can be found at two different eateries and they’re both awesome options, meaning you’ll be happy no matter which one you choose.
Cape May Cafe is the first option and is definitely the most laid-back and the easiest to reserve. However, many prefer the larger number of characters and the bustling atmosphere at Chef Mickey’s. Either way, you’ll get to meet this silly duck, so it’s up to you!

7. Goofy

Where to go: Cape May Cafe, Chef Mickey’s, Mickey’s Backyard BBQ, Garden Grove, and Lakeview Restaurant
Goofy is quite possibly the easiest character to find on all of Disney property. He makes appearances at five different restaurants, meaning he’s probably pretty tired by the end of the day!
Cape May Cafe and Chef Mickey’s both provide a traditional buffet-style character meal. Meanwhile, Mickey’s Backyard BBQ is a ton of cookout fun. Garden Grove and Lakeview Restaurant are both in hotels that are on Disney property, but not run by Disney. Nevertheless, they both offer excellent character dining options.

8. Pluto

Where to go: 'Ohana, Chef Mickey’s, Garden Grove, and Lakeview Restaurant
Another character who makes plenty of appearances, Pluto is always eager to meet guests. He can be found at 'Ohana tagging along with Mickey, as well as at Chef Mickey’s. Additionally, this happy little puppy can be seen at both Garden Grove and Lakeview Restaurant.

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