Disney Confessions That Could Get Our Disney Card Revoked

There are some Walt Disney World favorites that are consistently mentioned as must-do’s. Some attractions are so classic, snacks so yummy and park tips so good that they are loved favorites. Still, we Disney Fanatics love a little drama. Join us in this article as we highlight some unpopular Disney confessions that could possibly get our Disney card revoked.

1. Animal Kingdom is a Half Day Park

Is Animal Kingdom fun? Absolutely, there are great attractions, food and shows to enjoy at this park. However, some guests would argue that it’s a half-day park. Sure, if you want to see every single show/animal exhibit and experience every ride in the park you may need to stay most of the day. Still, many guests select a few things they want to see while skipping sections of the park. Though it’s an unpopular opinion with some, we think arriving at park opening to hit rides in Pandora – The World of Avatar, then moving around the select attractions and shows your family has chosen will have you on your way out of the park around one in the afternoon.

2. Chef Mickey’s Is Not What It Once Was

The location in Disney’s Contemporary Resort is top notch, but these days we are not loving dinner at Chef Mickey’s. Sad but true, this once favorite buffet now leaves a bit to be desired. Maybe it just needs a food revamp or maybe we need to take a break from this classic restaurant and try some newer eatery options across the resorts and parks. Regardless, we are not the huge fans of this classic restaurant that we once were.

3. Character Experiences Are Better Than Character Greetings

Snagging a photo and autograph from your favorite Disney character is fun, but we think Character Experiences may be even more enjoyable than Character Greetings. Sure, Characters Experiences mean you do not get to hug Mickey Mouse but watching characters interact with each other from afar or blow kisses to guests from a parade float is more fun. Character Experiences mean guests get to enjoy surprise visits from their Disney friends and can watch them interact with other characters, all without waiting in line.

Credit: Disney

4. Disney Churros are Overhyped

We know, we know this is super unpopular opinion. These sugary crunchy treats are iconic Disney and are sold in parks across the property. While they are yummy, they are closer to the bottom of our must-eat dessert or snack list. Dole Whips, Mickey Premium Bars, Crepes, Loaded Waffles and other park snacks all rank above churros for us. We just don’t get the hype.

5. DinoLand U.S.A. Needs a Revamp

Maybe this section of Animal Kingdom just looks lackluster next to Pandora – The World of Avatar and newer Walt Disney World attractions, or maybe it is ready for a revamp. DinoLand U.S.A. feels a little stale aside from the Dinosaur thrill ride. Changing up the other attractions and ditching the carnival games in this section of the park would do a lot to make this area of Animal Kingdom exciting again.

6. Minnie Ears are Cumbersome

Are they cute and fashionable? Absolutely. Are they practical for rides and all-day wear? No way. As much as we love collecting, styling and snapping cute instapics in Minnie Ears, they are not practical in the parks. You need to remove them for some rides (rollercoasters and rougher rides) and ears catch on the tops of other rides (Haunted Mansion Doom Buggies, Nemo and Friends Clamshells) when entering and exiting the ride vehicles. Worst of all the pressure of the headband gives you a headache after a few hours of wear. This necessitates you remove your Minnie Ears- then you have to carry them instead of tossing them in your park bag to ensure they won’t get broken.

7. We Miss the Old FastPasses

FastPass+ is super simple and allows you to select FastPasses from the MyDisneyExpereince app. That said, one of our favorite Disney oldies, the paper Fast Pass had its perks. Most will disagree, mentioning that the app-based system is more convenient, fair and simple. Still, we miss the days of dashing across the park to snag an extra Fast Pass for the most crowded rides in the park, knowing that all the park guests that day had an equal chance of snagging Fast Passes. Now, guests need to buy their park tickets as far out as possible to ensure they can book FastPasses as soon as the virtual booking window opens if they want to snag a pass to some of their favorite attractions.

Fastpass Magic Kingdom

8. We are Nervous About the World Showcase Overhaul

Sure, we love Disney films but we worry the update of Epcot’s World Showcase may be too movie themed. Obviously, park updates keep the magic fresh and fun, but what if this overhaul changes the feel of this fun section of Epcot? Meeting characters in their native lands around World Showcase has always been a fun way to incorporate Disney films into the theming of this part of the park. Each pavilion tells the story of the nation represented and not a Disney film character. Sure, new World Showcase rides and attractions will be fun, we just hope that the update does not significantly shift attention and theming away from the countries represented around World Showcase.

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