Disney Cruise or Walt Disney World? 7 Things to Consider

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1. Type of vacation you want

Putting everything aside, the biggest thing to consider is what kind of vacation you want. A trip to Walt Disney World means a lot of family time, lots of walking, early mornings and late evenings and tons of things to do, attraction and entertainment wise. A Disney cruise means family time, alone time, lots of pool and down time, fun entertainment and exploring new places. Both are great options, but only you can determine which is right for you and your family.

While both vacations are fun and should be taken at least once in your lifetime, taking these things into consideration will make it clear to you which one is a better idea for your family. However, whether you’re sailing the high seas or park hopping day in and day out, you’re bound to make a ton of memories that will last you a lifetime!

By Monet

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