Disney Intervention - 10 Clear Signs That You're Ready For A Trip To Disney World

Epcot Monorail

8. Disney Music Has Consumed Your Life

Spending huge parts of your day listening to Disney songs or singing them in the company of others (or alone, which is slightly worrying), means you seriously need a trip. And just remember that there’s plenty of sing-along fun waiting at Walt Disney World Resort from parades to stage shows. Here you can sing as much as you want – if of course you have a voice left by the time you arrive…

7. Your Last Trip Seems Far, Far Away

If it’s been only been a year since your last trip yet you’re already eager to plan another, you should consider becoming an Annual Passholder. You’ll be able to enjoy all-year-round access to the resort and its four theme parks, discounts on food, merchandise and more. There’s a range of passes available, too, so head to the official Walt Disney World website and remedy this serious condition!

6. Letting Your Last Trip Go Seems Impossible

Cherishing your memories is important, and there’s nothing wrong with reminiscing over the photos from your last Disney adventure. That said, if you’re sobbing uncontrollably into a pillow every time you do, you’re clearly struggling to “let it go” - which means you probably need another trip. Sure, you’ll relive the pain all over again after your new adventure, but for now, “Hakuna Matata”!

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