Disney Itinerary Tips 101 – 9 Tips For Families With Young Children

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For many of you, this will be your young child’s first trip to Walt Disney World. You want to make those memories count! For starters, get your child a “My First Visit” Pin! It’s a free souvenir and you can keep it forever! Many people say that taking young children to Walt Disney World is not such a good idea because there isn’t a lot to do with the preschool age. I am here to tell you that this is not true! Walt Disney World was designed and created for children both young and old! At Walt Disney World there are so many things to do with your young ones and ways to keep them occupied and well rested during your stay.

9) Attractions: There are so many attractions at Walt Disney World for young children! Just to name a few, Dumbo, It’s a Small World, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Toy Story Mania, and so many more! Even while waiting in lines for these rides, your children will be entertained. For example, at Dumbo there is a play area for the children to play. You receive a pager that holds your place in line and when it’s your turn, you will be paged! There also are many, many shows you can go to such as Mickey’s Philharmagic and Disney Junior Live on Stage! Your young child will enjoy the magic and dancing as they experience these shows and rides!

8) FastPass: Use the Fast Pass! I’m serious. Not only is it good for those impatient adults, but it is especially good for those very impatient children. There really isn’t a down season for Disney and there will always be long lines so use the Fast Pass. Now you can book your FastPasses 60 days in advance! This will also help you to plan out your day better with your little ones.

7) Characters: Take time to meet the characters! It is so worth it! Now I will tell you, a lot of young children are afraid of some of the characters, but if it is a character that your child loves, the will most likely tackle that character! I remember when my family went, my sister was 4 years old and she was scared of a lot of the characters, but when she saw Winnie the Pooh, she almost tackled him to the ground! Finding those characters that your children love is totally worth it, and you are able to use the FastPass option to meet some of the characters.

6) Rider Switch: If you have another child or parent in your party that wants to ride the big rides, but your younger child is too short, the rider switch is for you. This allows members of your party to ride the attraction while another member waits with the younger child. When the riders are finished, the member who waited with the young child is able to ride the ride without waiting in line again. Make sure to ask the Cast Members about this option!

5) Stay in a Walt Disney World Resort: Staying in a Walt Disney World Resort is a very good idea for those with young children. The resorts have so many amenities that not only young children but children of all ages will enjoy. I would suggest the Art of Animation resort. The pools have a Finding Nemo theme and there also is a Cars Land within the resort! It is very neat and the kids will enjoy the tribute paid to all the Disney movies included within the resort. Staying in a resort is also convenient because you can take advantage of the Walt Disney World transportation. The buses take you from your resort to anywhere on Disney World property. It will even take you back and forth from the airport! It makes things easier with the kids because you don’t have to load them in the car and then unload them in the parking lot and load all your stuff and unload all your stuff. It really comes in handy.

4) Take a nap/take your time: Don’t load your day full of planned activities if you don’t think your young children can handle it. If you are staying in a Disney resort, it is easy to take a bus back to your resort and rest for a while and then come back to the parks after some down time. I think that both you and your child will appreciate it. Also take your time. Don’t rush around from attraction to attraction. Take time to enjoy the little things and look at things that your children point out to you. Remember that one day your young children won’t care about taking their time or looking at the little things. Cherish those moments with them.

3) Magic Hours: When staying in a Disney resort, you have the option and the opportunity to use Magic Hours in the park. This allows resort only guests to either enter the park early or stay late in the park. (This depends on the Magic Hours reserved for each day) If your young child is an early riser, take advantage of those early morning Magic Hours or if you are able to rest most of the day and get a good nap, take advantage of those late night Magic Hours.

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2) Playgrounds/ Water Fun: Also at Disney World there are a few playgrounds in the parks such as the Honey I Shrunk the Kids Movie Adventure set in Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the Boneyard in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Both playgrounds are very kid friendly and a good idea for a little parent rest time as well. Let your young children play for a little while. It will be fun for both you and them. There also is a chance for water fun in those hot summer months. In Disney’s Magic Kingdom there is Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station where the kids have a chance to play in the water and cool off on a hot summer day! Don’t forget your bathing suits!

1) Kidscot: Take advantage of Kidscot which is located in the different countries of the Epcot World Showcase. This gives you a chance to check out the countries while also keeping your children entertained. At each stop you make, your child will get to make a personalized souvenir and receive a stamp from each country. It is very neat! I remember when I was a child, we went to each Kidcot stop and the Cast Member would say our name in whatever language that they spoke. It is not only cool for you but also for your children as well!

I know I said this before but don’t forget to take time to cherish each moment with your young children because it will be gone in a flash. If they want to stop and smell the flowers, let them stop and smell the flowers. If they want to look in a store window at all the Mickey Mouse ears, let them do that too. They have young and exciting minds and they are as excited as you are to be there. Let them enjoy it as much as you and the rest of your family are! Make time for them and take lots of pictures! Remember that the next time you come to Disney they will be completely different and want to rush around everywhere. This time will be very special for you and your children and will hold a special place in your heart and memories for both you and your young child.

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