Disney Launches Limited-Edition Mickey & Friends NFT Collection

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Wondering what exactly NFTs are? You’re not alone! The latest technological craze NFT stands for “Non-fungible token,” (think trading cards or perhaps pins if that is a better metaphor for you but in an entirely digital setting). Disney just launched a new NFT collection featuring Mickey & Friends, and we’ve got the scoop.

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The new Mickey & Friends NFT collection was just released for the VeVe app for both iOS and Android, reports Medium, and for Disney fans looking to dive into the world of NFTs this collection could be the perfect introduction to this new media.

The Mickey & Friends collection includes favorite Disney characters released directly through the app at the price of $40 per NFT. Each one features artwork created by Disney artists like Morgane Keesling and Naty Kosloff, and once purchased in the app you can move the cards around to showcase different details including autographs.

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As limited-edition collectibles, albeit in the digital realm, the value of the cards depends on how many pieces of each NFT were released. According to Medium, both the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse NFTs are labeled “Common” with sets of 13,928. Donald Duck is considered “Uncommon” with 9,999 NFTs of the card out there, while Daisy is “Rare” with 8,888 versions. At 6,666 cards, Pluto is “Ultra Rare,” and the rarest, and presumably most valuable in the collection is Goofy, which at 4,444 editions is considered “Secret Rare.”

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If you download the app and purchase these NFTs, each one in the collection is considered a first edition item. There is also an option you can select to purchase a blind box, which will charge your form of payment and allow you to purchase an NFT from the set without seeing it before the transaction is complete.

If the concept of NFTs is still a little confusing, we totally get it! While this is not the first NFT released by the Walt Disney Company, this form of media is still a very new trend and it may take some time to fully take off among Disney fans. It may help to think of NFTs similarly to how you might view say sports trading cards, only in a digital sense.

Credit: Medium

You purchase the cards at a set price and are able to keep them in your collection, and their value may fluctuate later on based on similar provisions as physical media like collector cards or pieces of art. The major difference is that condition doesn’t matter for NFTs because they are stored digitally, so the focus here is on how limited of an NFT you purchased.

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