‘Disney Princess Style’ Unveils a Shopping List for Travelers


Are you traveling this holiday season? If so, Disney’s Princess Style Instagram account has the perfect shopping list for you! For the past twelve days of the Disney princess sweepstakes, Disney Princess Style has been releasing gift guides for different Disney themes. On the travel-themed day, the Instagram account partnered with @girlgoingthedistance to feature two essential products for traveling. As the Instagram post said, “Packing is always more fun with a touch of Disney Princess Style”!


The products that were chosen to be featured were surprisingly sensible items. The first item was a hard-case rolling suitcase by FŪL, a company that Justin Timberlake has invested in! The brand’s Disney Princess collection has two suitcases, with one being Cinderella-themed and the other being a general Disney princess theme. The Cinderella suitcase (which is coming soon) says “Riding in a Dream”, and the Disney Princess Badges suitcase is adorned with pink detailing and images of Disney princesses like Jasmine. The latter suitcase is the one that was featured for the “Twelve Days of Disney Princess” sweepstakes. There is also Marvel and Star Wars luggage available!


If you’re a frequent flier or someone with a strong sense of wanderlust, then you might want easy ways to pack said Disney princess luggage once you’ve bought it. Pottery Barn’s “Mackenzie Disney Princess Castle Packing Cubes” would be a great choice if you like an organized suitcase, travel often, and want to express your love of Disney along the way! Each trio of packing cubes comes with a small, medium, and large cube. These cubes are apparently “durable, lightweight and water-resistant”. They’re also made with “600-denier polyester”,  “rugged double zippers”, “wipe-clean linings”, and “mesh tops” to help handle rough travels!

Are you a Disney-loving traveler who would love to have both of these products? Have you been following ‘Disney Princess Style’ and its gift guides this season?


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