Disney Springs Gideon’s Says A Larger Take-Home Cold Brew Is In The Works

The ever-so-popular Gideon’s Bakehouse at Disney Springs still has crowds hurrying in for their chance to snag the delicious cookies, cakes, and cold brews! Since the opening in January 2021, the lines continue to be lengthy with a virtual queue that fills up daily. In other words, don’t expect to arrive at Disney Springs late to get into Gideon’s. So, why do the crowd keep flocking to this hot spot? Usually, you’ll hear the response is COOKIES! But as of lately, we’re hearing more and more cheers for Gideon’s Cold Brew. Well, it sounds like soon enough we may have a chance to take home a larger Cold Brew option!

Credit: Gideon’s Facebook

As shared via Gideon’s Bakehouse Facebook: “I’ve said before that I was more nervous about releasing our new Cold Brew than any other Gideon’s offering. As with all food and drink, we all have different taste buds, but, let’s face it, coffee fanatics are next-level with extreme variations on how they like their coffee. With Gideon’s Cold Brew flavors, my goal was to find balance. I spent a few years testing out things like the Peanut Butter Cold Brew hunting for that intersection where coffee lovers and non-coffee people meet. I’m happy with where we landed, and from the overwhelming feedback you have offered, it seems you appreciate the work we put out there. No one can ever claim to be the best, but we promise to always provide you with our best.”

Gideon’s goes on to share: “PS: Before you ask, our Cold Brew is only available in Gideon’s at Disney Springs. Yes, I also wish we would make it accessible as a quick grab item without the long wait, but, unfortunately, that’s not logistically possible. Trust me. We’ve explored all available options. However, a larger take-home option is in the works, so stay tuned!

Credit: Gideon’s Facebook

What are your thoughts? Would you be interested in a larger take-home option for Gideon’s Cold Brew? We’d personally love to be able to enjoy sipping Gideon’s Cold Brew while hanging out in our pjs at home! We’ll keep you posted as Gideon’s asks us to “stay tuned”! Now if we could just find a way to enjoy those cookies right at home?!

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