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“Trans King”: Disney Under Question for Confusing ‘Hercules’ Merchandise

Disney Hercules Fail
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The merchandise drama never seems to end for Disney…

Disney generates a significant portion of its revenue through the sale of merchandise at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. The parks are not only magical destinations for visitors but also bustling hubs of retail activity, offering a plethora of enchanting products for fans of all ages. From iconic character-themed souvenirs to limited edition collectibles, Disney merchandise captures the imagination of guests and contributes substantially to the overall enchanting experience of visiting these world-renowned theme parks.

However, with thousands of merchandise items on the shelf, not everything is a swing-and-hit for Disney. In the case of one recent merchandise item, fans are feeling less than ecstatic…

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guests wearing american flag disney merchandise

Credit: Disney

Merchandise Fail?

In both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, shopping for Disney merchandise becomes an integral part of the guest experience, allowing visitors to take a piece of the magic home with them. The merchandise ranges from classic items featuring beloved characters like Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse to newer additions inspired by Disney’s latest movies and stories. With each purchase, guests not only acquire a tangible reminder of their visit but also become part of a longstanding tradition of celebrating the spirit of Disney through merchandise.

As guests explore the themed lands within the parks, they encounter a diverse array of merchandise shops, each offering a distinct selection of products tailored to its specific theme. Every corner of Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort’s theme parks is adorned with merchandise that enhances the thematic experience for guests, making for a fun day of shopping. However, a recent merchandise find has some fans wishing that Disney would reconsider their quality control.

guests wearing pizza inspired disney merchandise

Credit: Disney

‘Hercules’ Merchandise Faces Online Ridicule

A newly released merchandise item featuring Hercules has gained attraction on the internet for all the wrong reasons. The item, which is a bust of Hercules’ head, shows strange blue and pink splatters on it. Immediately, fans took to the internet to share their disappointment.

One of the most popular reactions to this merchandise is that it resembles a transgender flag. While this was most likely not intentional, some fans find it to be a comical appearance. On the other hand, some fans question why Disney decided to have what appears to be paint or goo splattered on Hercules.

Regardless of the true vision of this merchandise item, it is clear that Disney did not nail it with this option. Hopefully, the team will reconsider this choice and look into some better Hercules merchandise items moving forward.

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