Disney World on A Budget - What You Should and Shouldn't Spend Your Money on

Disney Tickets

You Should Buy Park Tickets/You Shouldn’t Add on the Park Hopper

Ok, obviously you are buying park tickets if you’re going to Disney World! Please note though, the cost of daily tickets decrease the longer you stay. So, if you are planning to visit from a Sunday to Saturday (leaving that Saturday evening), still consider purchasing a ticket for your last half day. The cost will be miniscule, and it could be worth all the money in the world to say goodbye to Cinderella Castle one last time! On the other hand, adding on the park hopper may not necessary. The cost to do so isn’t outrageous, but it can add up quickly for family of four. Park-hopping in WDW can also be a time waster. Unlike the California parks that are in walking distance, the Florida parks are all a bus ride away. If possible, I’d pass up the hopper and stick to touring one amazing park per day.

Shopping Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

You Should Buy Memorable Souvenirs/You Shouldn’t Buy 'Cheapo' Stuff

WDW is a treasure trove of shopping choices, but every item isn’t a gem. The shopping enthusiast can find all kinds of worthwhile items to purchase like artwork, clothing, household items, and stuffed animals that their children will cherish forever. And yet, there is an equal amount of distracting clutter. Pass up the balloons, outlandish novelty hats, and any toy that lights up. When shopping with a smaller budget, you’re much more likely to make smart choices if you ask yourself, “Will this item ever be used again?” Be honest with yourself (and your children), and you won’t risk draining your checking account.

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