Revealing Disney World Outfit Sparks Debate About Theme Park Attire

Disney Guests Mini Skirt
Credit: Sam Paige

Thousands of Disney Parks fans, especially parents, were outraged by a recent Walt Disney World Resort guest’s outfit choice. Commenters attacked a woman after she posted a photo of her Snow White Disney Bound.

Disney Bounding is a popular loophole for adult guests wanting to wear costumes to Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The Disney dress code bans costumes for guests 14 and over to protect the magic and prevent kids from approaching a stranger who looks like their favorite Disney Princess.

A young girl in a pink dress and tiara hugs snow white, who wears her signature blue, red, and yellow costume, inside a warmly lit room with decorative walls.

Credit: Disney

Instead, many adult Walt Disney World Resort guests make Disney character-inspired outfits from regular clothing and accessories. Disney Bounds are acceptable within the theme park rules–and way more comfortable!

Influencer and model Sam Paige (@sampaigepix on Instagram) recently visited Magic Kingdom Park and EPCOT in a Snow White Disney Bound. Known for sharing outfits, the Walt Disney World Resort guest couldn’t have predicted the negative reaction to her photos:

Sam Paige's Snow White Disney Bound outfit post on Instagram.

Credit: @sampaigepix via Instagram

Paige posted six photos taken in the EPCOT’s Germany World Showcase Pavilion, but the second image set off a social media firestorm. It’s pictured on the left in the collage below.

Three images of Sam Paige in the outfit that angered Disney World fans.

Credit: @sampaigepix via Instagram

“Girl seriously that 2nd photo ? you’re in Disney not the beach ??‍♀️ time and place man,” read the most popular comment from @bonita_eli.

“Cheeks out at Disney is crazy,” said @rubymichellee.

Not all of the comments came from frustrated Disney Parks fans. Many of Paige’s supporters gently expressed discomfort with the outfit.

“I normally adore everything you do but that skirt isn’t appropriate at Disney parks,” @khayes11464 wrote.

A person dressed as snow white is smiling broadly and gesturing with one hand, standing in front of a quaint cottage with green vines and pink flowers.

Credit: Disney

“Love your body positive page but there is a time and place,” @casslaw83 agreed. “If my daughter was in line behind you staring at your ass we’d be having a convo.”

Paige defended the Disney Bound in a comment:

Hey yall this is a skort the shorts were just up my booty chillll

Many commenters argued that the skort length was the problem, not the presence or lack of shorts underneath. Some called on the Central Florida Disney park to ban the model.

The exterior of Sommerfest at the Germany pavilion in EPCOT

Credit: Disney

“It’s still extremely short even with the shorts up your ass,” @brookenbb replied. “Even the skirt doesn’t cover everything. It’s Disney so it’s a kid friendly place so it’s definitely something to take into consideration.”

“Even if it is a [skort]… still not appropriate…,” @cloudy_rose1 wrote. “Cute for somewhere for adults but not around a kids place.”

Disney Parks fans were even more outraged by a TikTok Paige posted dancing in front of Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom Park:


This made me miss dancing on tiktok in public lol maybe I should do it again

♬ sigh – nini $ .

“Doing a dance to Thong Song in front of the castle… it’s quite the choice,” said Redditor u/disneythrowaway1971.

“Around kids??? Completely inappropriate,” u/sparkleprincessmagic wrote.

Still, some fans defended Paige’s Walt Disney World outfit.

Crowds on Main Street U.S.A. at Disney World with Cinderella Castle in the background

Credit: Forsaken Fotos, Flickr

“As a 36 yr florida resident… if you didn’t get kicked out… clearly you did nothing wrong,” @corabankspage said. “They are very quick to kick out anyone wearing inappropriate items. Ignore the hate.”

“Her body, her money, her clothes, her life,” @genesisissss agreed.

Is there any clothing you consider inappropriate for Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort? In the comments, share your theme park “no’s” with us. 

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Jess Colopy is a Disney College Program alum and kid-at-heart. When she’s not furiously typing in a coffee shop, you can find her on the hunt for the newest Stitch pin.


  1. Disgusting. You need to wear clothing that is appropriately covering your body parts. Truthfully you are not the size to wear this sort of outfit!

  2. Oh my. This not an appropriate type of outfit no matter what your size or color. Have some class. That’s what is missing in today’s world. I don’t believe seeing Lycra on any body no matter their size in the parks is a good look either. Every day is not Halloween!

  3. Should been stopped at the entrance gate and told inappropriate. Wear that to the beach not in a theme park!

  4. I keep thinking about all the germy places she is sitting down on. It’s like cootieville everywhere there. It would have been cute with better shorts because as she is dancing I am terrified of what I might see whether you are small or fluffy.

  5. Ya’ll just criticizing this because she is thick. Have you see what people are wearing at Disney lately? Butt cheeks are hanging out, yoga pants so freaking tight you can see the camel toe and as for the tops, people are littery wearing bikini tops with their boob’s hanging out. Sum it up, Disney looks like the gym.

    As for this guest, I don’t see a problem with it, she had shorts on. Keeping being confident and proud of your body. Thank you for the encouragement from a thick girl.

  6. Would this even be discussed if she was a size 2???

  7. she would be best behind a counter in a cake shop, or outside of it behind a board promoting the cakes ,most inappropriate
    for someone of elephant size or someone of size 2 ,after all its full of children, she’s just after the publicity ,or a cry for help maybe , that size is no good for her health ,will have problems in later life, should be banned from Disney , next time cover up, you are not a 21 yr old cat walk model , you can still look good in proper clothes that suit ,instead of being as thick as a brick.


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