Disney World Park Etiquette 101 – 10 Tips for Newbies to Follow

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Walt Disney World is one of the most family-friendly places in the world. In order to maintain that status, the park does have certain rules they expect guests to follow. While these rules are common sense to most of us, some guests ruin the Disney magic for the rest of us by breaking them. In order to avoid being one of these rude guests, here are a few tips are park etiquette.

10. Don’t Stop In The Middle Of The Walkway

Guests who shop short with no warning cause congestion and more than a few collisions. Help avoid injuries and conflicts by continuing to move with the crowd. If you do need to stop suddenly, for a photo opportunity or to figure out where to go next, move off to the side so those behind you can keep moving.

9. Don’t Cut The Line

Cutting the line of any Disney attraction is prohibited by Disney Parks and is grounds for ejection from the park. However, guests still do it using the excuse, “My family is up ahead.” While this might possibly be true, guests should wait until their entire party is ready, then get on line. Use Fastpasses to avoid the long waits and be patient just like everyone else.

8. Pay Attention To The Line

Another pet peeve of Disney park guests is when the line moves forward, but the next person in line isn’t pay attention. Especially with omnimover rides, a gap in the line can mean empty ride vehicles when there’s a long line of guests waiting for their turn. Absolutely take the time to enjoy all the details in the line queue, but also keep in mind that the line needs to keep moving.

7. Behave On Attractions

There’s a reason why each ride has a recording along with posted signs as to what you cannot do on attractions. Failure to disregard these signs can result in immediate ejection from the park or possible suspension from any Disney park. Don’t stick your hands in the water, don’t try to get out of the ride vehicle or stand up in it, and don’t make obnoxious loud noises that ruins the ride for everyone else. Be aware of what the rules are and follow them.

6. Behave With Characters

When interacting with Disney characters, regardless of age, be kind and wait your turn. Lots of people want their picture taken and an autograph so remember to be patient. When it is your turn, have your camera and autograph book ready to keep the line moving. Remind your kids to be gentle with the characters. There have been stories of the characters getting hit or tackled by kids who wanted to play rough. When your turn is over, move off to the side to allow the next person to go.

5. Don’t Get Drunk

This is a big one for Epcot as many older Disney fans try to make it their goal to sample the alcoholic beverages at each country pavilion in World Showcase. While Disney is okay with this, they are not okay with public drunkenness. If you’re going to drink, know your limit and pace yourself accordingly. Remember that it is a family park, not a bar.

4. Throw Your Garbage Out

Disney parks are known for being exceptionally clean. This is due to the large number of Cast Members who are constantly picking up garbage. It’s proper etiquette at Disney parks, or anywhere really, to throw your trash out. When you’re finished eating, don’t leave your wrappers behind for someone to clean it. Do it yourself and help the Cast Members out.

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3. Keep It Appropriate

In general, all guests should keep their behavior, language, and clothing appropriate for a family friendly park. You may not mind PDA so much, but it makes everyone around you uncomfortable when they’re waiting to go on Jungle Cruise and you’re making out the entire time. Likewise, don’t swear, don’t wear offensive clothing, and make sure you’re properly covered. Sure, it gets hot in Florida, but that doesn’t mean you can wear a barely-there outfit.

2. Listen To Cast Member Directions

Cast Members are there to ensure all guests have a pleasant experience at the Disney parks. When they give instructions, it’s for the good of all guests. If they ask you to stay inside the line while waiting for a parade or for Wishes, it’s because they need to keep a fire lane clear for emergencies. They’re not out to ruin your experience. Be courteous and don’t take it out on the Cast Members if you’re asked to move, refrain from flash photography, or if a ride is closed.

1. Be Aware of BO

Wear deodorant. There’s really no excuse not to. If you forgot to pack it, every Disney Resort Hotel sells the essentials. Be aware that you’ll be in a hot, crowded park and unpleasant body odor has the potential to occur. Luckily, it can be avoided as well.

Follow these simple rules and you’ll be well on your way to not only having a pleasant experience at the Disney parks, but help make the experience pleasant for everyone else as well.

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