Evil Queen Savagely Takes Down ‘Trash’ Snow White

Snow White
Credit: Disney

To say that Disney’s new version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (2025) has been a test of Bob Iger’s patience may be a bit of an understatement. Since the first photo from the set leaked more than a year ago, which saw the removal of the dwarfs for the seven magical creatures, the film has been mired in controversy.

Since then, the controversy surrounding the film has only grown louder, as Disney decided to push the movie back to 2025 in an attempt to salvage some of the $340 million budget.

Rachel Zegler and Snow White

Credit: Inside the Magic

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However, the newest Disney Princess, Rachel Zegler, didn’t have any of the social media hate. The West Side Story (2022) actress spent most of the last year clapping back at anyone questioning the new live-action film.

But this time, the hate is coming from an unexpected source, one within the Snow White family, so to speak. Finally, the Evil Queen has chimed in on her stepdaughter, Snow White, and her true feelings about her.

The Evil Queen was seen roaming around Disneyland Park this weekend. As the Disney villain made her way around the Disney Park, she informed the guests following her that she “needed to visit her stepdaughter, Snow White.”

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As the Evil Queen made her way to “visit” Snow White, she walked past a garbage can and called the Disney Princess “trash.” It was a savage moment for the character, and the guests in attendance agreed.

In the comment section, guests relayed their experiences with the Evil Queen in Disneyland Park, including one who said the character offered her daughter an apple. Yet another said that the Disney villain spent 10 minutes with her young daughter plotting and told the young girl to “poison Prince Charming first.” Lesson learned.

The Disneyland character actors recently unionized, joining their brethren at the Walt Disney World Resort in the Actor’s Equity Association. During their quest to unionize, Disneyland cast members discussed how the work would cause permanent injuries, but they still loved interacting with the guests.

While the Evil Queen at Disney World has been mired in controversy, the counterpart at Disneyland has been savagely racking up the fans. And as for the new live-action Snow White, Gal Gadot will take on the role of the Evil Queen, and she clearly has some big shoes to fill.

So, even if the Rachel Zegler version of Snow White is “trash,” you can always commiserate with the Evil Queen at Disneyland Park.

What is the best character interaction you’ve had at a Disney Park? 

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