Disney's Dining Plan 101 - 13 Tips for Using Your Credits Wisely

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6. Avoid Two Credit Establishments

And this brings us to our next point, as a thrifty guest, avoid the Signature establishments! By using two table-service credits for one meal, you are paying double in point value. Plus, you will likely be paying for another meal out of pocket to supplement the additional credits used. Enjoying one of the opulent two-credit restaurants is fine, but if you book meals at too many, it could hurt your bottom line.

7. Order Expensively

When making entrée selections at sit-down establishments, remember that you’ll be charged the same amount for either steak or a chicken salad. In the spirit of making the most of those credits, always order meals with the higher dollar value. (This is great news for carnivores!) Regardless of your preference, this isn’t the time to order modestly.

8. Explore Substitution Options

Again, the most popular plan is the second tier plan because it includes one table-service meal a day. Sometimes this can be too much for smaller appetites, especially since sit-down meals always include dessert! If you want to be economical without getting too stuffed, ask your server if your dessert can be substituted for a salad or small appetizer. Not every restaurant will be able to accommodate you, but those that can do so with a smile on their face.

9. Don’t Use Quick-Service Credits for Snacks

Whatever you do, don’t let any dining credits go to waste! If you find yourself dealing with leftover meal credits on your last day, you can exchange them for a small number of packaged snacks. While Disney offers this in goodwill, you’ll end up over-paying for a few rice Krispie treats. Don’t let that happen and ensure that all meal credits go towards actual meals.

10. Maximize Snack and Drink Credits

Every plan includes snack credits and most people use these on sodas, Mickey Ice Cream Bars, and packaged snacks. Those choices are fine, but you may want to consider using your credits on more expensive items like dole whips, cinnamon cronuts, or snacks at one of EPCOT’s many festivals. Additionally, drink credits at restaurants can be used for more decadent choices like milkshakes and alcohol (for guests 21 and over). After all, you should be treating yourself on vacation.

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