Disney's Dining Plan 101 - 13 Tips for Using Your Credits Wisely

Funnel Cake

11. Never Use Snack Credits on Water

Bottled water is another popular snack credit option, but we’d urge you to resist. Almost every food stand and restaurant can give you complimentary cups of water. On the other hand, we’ve yet to see any cast members pass out complimentary turkey legs…

12. Don’t Buy Additional Snacks

With each plan offering two snacks per day, never pull out your debit card for extra ice cream. These small purchases can add up dangerously fast. This is especially true for families! With a rough dining itinerary in place, your plan should cover all of your snack times. Otherwise, you may be negating the savings.

13. Keep a Food Diary

If you’re a first-time dining plan buyer and want to confirm if it was a money-saver, keep track of what your food and beverages would’ve cost out of pocket. You may find yourself downsizing or even upgrading your plan for the next Disney adventure. Either way, the knowledge to budget for future vacations will be helpful.
Armed with these tips, you should be prepared to make the most out of your Disney eatery experiences! We wish you the best of luck in selecting your restaurants and enduring the wait before your vacation. Happy Disney Dining!

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