Expecting The Best – But Preparing For The Worst At Walt Disney World

Those planning a vacation at Walt Disney World have so much to look forward to. Disney goes above and beyond to take great care of guests and attend to all the little details that make vacations great. Still even the best laid plans can sometimes go awry. Not to worry, this article is all about planning ahead for unexpected inconsistencies to help get your vacation back to track after any minor mishaps.


1. You Probably Won’t Use it but Buy the Travel Insurance

Odds are your family will be ready to pack up and head to Orlando on your planned Disney vacation date and you will have a great time. Still, every now and then life gets in the way and we are faced with an unexpected family emergency or illness that keeps us home. In tough cases like this, travel protection insurance is something you need. Disney offers a travel protection plan for purchase at the same time guests book a Disney vacation.  Likewise, you can purchase travel protection on flights through your airline or even your whole vacation through other travel insurance companies. Sure, it may seem like an unnecessary added cost, but in the event you need to use it travel protection you will save your vacation dollars and hours of explanation on customer service phone lines.

2. Make a Park Plan but Don’t Sweat the Changes

We Disney Fanatics love a good park plan. I am a diehard planner and tend to think things go smoother and Disney guests see more when they have a plan in mind prior to their vacation.  That being said, vacations can get crazy and things may not go according to plan. Rides break down, lightning delays attractions, people get sick, kids (and adults) get cranky- things happen. Remember, even with a park plan you aren’t in total control.  All you can do is take things as they come and make the best of sticky situations that arise during your trip. Remember, sometimes mishaps make the best vacation stories that you laugh at in the years to come!

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3. Keep Your Family Healthy but Bring Medications Just in Case

Be sure your family is eating right, taking vitamins and getting plenty of rest leading up to your Disney vacation. You all want to be feeling great when you hit Orlando! While chances are you won’t use any of it, we recommend you pack a bag of medications for your vacation. Over the counter pain reliver, acid reducers, stomach soothers, congestion treatments, allergy medications and nausea remedies are some of the must have items in your traveling medicine kit. Fill a zipable makeup pack with the labeled medications, and toss the boxes to save precious packing space. Remember to photograph each medication’s dosage and safety instructions to save in an album on your phone for on-the-go dispensing instructions while you are on vacation.

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4. Plan Your Vacation Budget but Leave Wiggle Room

Making a budget when planning your vacation is an important part of making sure you enjoy yourself and avoid any unexpected expenses. We recommend making a vacation budget when you begin planning your Disney trip. Scope out resort hotels with your budget in mind and then zero in on all the other expected expenses a few months before your trip. With a bit of planning and research on the Disney website, you can have a pretty good idea of what you will spend before your vacation. However, in the spirit of expecting the unexpected you should build wiggle room into your budget to be sure any surprise expenses that arise won’t break the bank. Maybe airport parking costs more than you planned, you buy more Mickey souvenirs than you anticipated or your family wants to make a last-minute reservation for a character meal on vacation.  Whatever the reason, having extra space in your budget will be a welcome reality.

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5. Enjoy the Sunshine and Prepare for the Rain

Everyone loves that Florida sun. In fact, you may be anticipating the poolside lounging at your resort as much as you are ride hopping in the parks. Be sure to plan for the harsh Florida rays with plenty of SPF, hats, sunglasses and SPF weave clothing in cool and comfy fits. Florida is also known for its (sometime intense) pop up showers that are almost unavoidable during summer at Walt Disney World. We recommend packing foldable rain coats in your park bags, quick dry shoes and any other easy to pack rain gear, to avoid getting drenched in a rain shower. Remember, these storms usually pass quickly so there is no reason to let rain ruin your day. Grab your family and duck into a shop or quick service eatery to escape the shower or hop in a standby line at an indoor ride queue like Soarin’ Around the World or Pirates of the Caribbean, to await an attraction and dodge the rain.

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