Experiences You Shouldn’t Skimp on at Walt Disney World Resort

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party
Credit: Disney

Booking my next trip to Walt Disney World is one of my favorite pastimes. There’s just something about sorting through all the different hotels, figuring out which restaurant to try next, and making park plans that take me away from the mundane responsibilities of my life and gives me something to really sink my teeth into. Regardless of how you vacation, here is my list of experiences you shouldn’t skimp on at Disney World Resort.


1. Staying on Disney property

There are just too many added benefits of staying on Disney property, that you shouldn’t ignore. Not only do you have several options that will coincide with your budget, but by staying at a Disney World Resort, you can take advantage of free transportation to and from Orlando International Airport, free luggage transfer, and of course, free transportation to all of the Disney theme parks, water parks and Disney Springs. While there’s truth in the fact that the price of the hotel factors in all of these amenities, it’s still an experience you shouldn’t look over. This doesn’t even begin to include how beautiful and picturesque each Disney World Resort hotel is; that alone is something you shouldn’t miss out on!

Disney’s Riviera Resort

2. Buying Souvenirs

One tradition my family and I have, whenever we visit the parks, is for each of us to purchase our own Disney mug. While the items in Disney World can certainly add up, there’s something to be said about bringing home a bit of the Disney magic – especially if it’s something you, or your loved one will get a ton of use out of. Don’t skimp out on bringing home a piece of tangible magic.

Mickey Plush Toys

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3. Restaurants

While there’s nothing wrong with bringing your own snacks into the park in an effort to economize, missing out on the top-of-the-line food and dining experiences Disney World has to offer is a crime against magic! The dining experiences, whether they be watching the fireworks from California Grill, or ordering a gigantic hotdog from Casey’s Corner in the Magic Kingdom, all offer a unique experience for their guests. Not only are the food options as diverse as the parks, but they foster memories that will last a lifetime. Each restaurant and quick dining option serves up its own theme, which is by far one of the best things about dining in the parks!

Be Our Guest
Be Our Guest Restaurant

4. Disney Add-Ons

It goes without saying that the Disney World parks and resorts are in a league of their own, but what’s even more magical are the add-ons that can enhance your trip. From a luxurious massage at Senses Spa to signing up for the Backstage Magic Tour, to spending your night with Santa, Mickey and the gang at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, these enhancements will truly enchant your entire family. By adding on something special to your Walt Disney World vacation, you’re creating one-of-a-kind memories you can’t find elsewhere. Not to mention, these unique recreational activities take you to a whole new world when it comes to an ordinary Disney World vacation. You don’t need to add these experiences on every time you visit the parks, but I recommend trying them out at least once. You’ll be amazed at how spectacular they are!

Senses Spa
Senses Spa (Credit: Disney)

Well, there you have it. The top list of experiences you shouldn’t skimp on at Disney World resort. Do you have any other recommendations? Be sure to comment below and tell us what your favorite experience at Disney World Resort is!

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