Top Reasons Why Disney Does Theme Parks Better Than Anyone Else

4. The storytelling aspect

When you think about it, each ride in Disney World tells a story. Unlike other parks where you may wait in line for an hour to ride a rollercoaster (and that’s it), Disney uses their unparalleled storytelling and enhances every feature of the ride, including the line as you wait. When you’re riding on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, you’re not just on a rollercoaster, you’re watching a story come to life about a runaway mine car through an abandoned mine shaft.  Like I said, Disney knows details!

5. They make the parents feel like kids

When you go to other theme parks, it’s most often geared toward the kids and the parents are just there for the ride (pun intended). At Disney World, the parent has an opportunity to get in on the magic and actually feel like they’re a child experiencing the beauty of the parks for the first time. That’s one of thing Disney World is amazing at: transporting everyone back to childhood and making them fall in love with the whimsey of storytelling and imagination. It’s what sets Disney World apart from every other theme park in the world.

These are just a few of the hundreds of reasons why Disney does theme parks better than anyone else. Do you have anything extra to add to our list? Tell us below in the comments! Be sure to let us know what your favorite element of visiting the Disney theme parks are.

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