Family Shocked to Discover Apple AirTag Tracked Them at Walt Disney World

Apple AirTag Disney
Credit: WKRN

Various local news stations, along with individuals on social media have been sharing startling stories of learning they have been tracked with an Apple AirTag, and one of the latest instances, unfortunately, affected a family visiting Walt Disney World.

AirTag Walt Disney World

Credit: WKRN

WKRN just shared that a Tennessee family was leaving the Magic Kingdom after a full day of exploring the Disney park when 17-year-old Madison got a notification on her iPhone that an Apple AirTag was nearby tracking her location. Instances of people learning that an AirTag has been placed on their person (often on a bag or somewhere on their vehicles) have certainly been increasing, and the family was understandably startled to learn that they were being tracked.

AirTag Walt Disney World

Credit: WKRN

Madison told WKRN that her and her family shook out all of their bags in the parking lot before getting into their car and they could not find the AirTag. “It stated that it was first detected with her at 7:09 p.m. and we got the notification at about 11:33 p.m,” Jennifer, Madison’s mom shared with WKRN, “It showed the first destination where it was detected with her, then it basically draws a line and makes the connections of the points where she had been.”

The family contacted local authorities while they were on their way back to their hotel. After officials met with the family to discuss the incident, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office determined that they could not confirm criminal activity since the AirTag could not be located.

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Credit: Disney

The Sheriff’s Office also pointed out that the AirTag notification could have been “erroneous” given the large number of Guests at Walt Disney World with Apple devices. Still, receiving this type of notification is definitely startling, and Jennifer recommends that you “Have proper settings on your phone so that if you do have an AirTag that ends up with you to make sure that your phone will detect it.”

Once back home, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation looked into the incident and shared the recommendation that if you ever find an unknown Apple AirTag on your belongings, you should turn it in to police who can search for the owner using its serial number.

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