Did Disney Just Tease ‘Ghost Galaxy’ Coming to Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain?

Space Mountain Disney World

On April 28, Disney Parks Blog announced that the beloved extra-ticket Halloween event, Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, will be returning to Magic Kingdom Park at the Walt Disney World Resort later this year.

Included in the initial announcement were several spooktacular things to expect, like the return of the full version of Mickey’s Boo-to-you Parade (kicked off by the Headless Horseman–and characters such as the Sanderson Sisters and Jack Skellington. But one thing, in particular, caught this reporter’s attention, and it has him wondering if a Disney World first is on the way.

According to Disney Parks Blog, several attractions are expected to get Halloween overlays:

Overlays themed for the occasion will return to several popular Magic Kingdom attractions: Space Mountain, Mad Tea Party, Pirates of the Caribbean and Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor. 

Halloween overlay… Space Mountain… Could Disney be hinting about putting “Ghost Galaxy” in Disney World?

Ghost Galaxy: Space Mountain

Credit: Disney Wiki

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Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy was a special temporary overlay put on the Space Mountain attractions at Disneyland Park in California and the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. While the rollercoaster remained the same, Walt Disney Imagineer altered the music and projections to give the ride a ghoulish appeal in the same way the ride is altered for the Star Wars-themed Hyperspace Mountain.

While this seasonal overlay has not been seen for several years, it could be argued that it has definitely made a large enough impact on Disney fans and would return a normal extra-ticket Disney World event all the more special.

Here’s a video of that ride experience:

Known for abstaining from almost all seasonal ride overlays–save for the Christmas-themed Jingle Cruise–, the Walt Disney World Resort would be doing a first if its Cast Members were to put any special theming on the original Space Mountain attraction.

It should be noted that this is entirely speculation at this point and that Disney World is more than likely going to return the surface-level exterior overlays to the Tomorrowland landmark. But one cannot help but wonder if, when, and how Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain can get in on the fun of the other overlays found at Disneyland in California, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Paris.

Disney World Park Passes

Credit: Disney

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We at Disney Fanatic will continue to monitor Disney Park news and will update our readers as more information comes to light.

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