ANOTHER Bedbug Infestation Alleged at Deluxe Disney Hotel

Disneyland Hotel Bedbug Infestation
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When visiting the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, guests can choose from more than 25 hotels spread throughout the massive Resort. They range from gorgeous Deluxe hotels to memorable Moderate Resorts and really fun Value hotels. Then, there are the stunning hotels on property that aren’t actually owned by Disney. Disney wants every guest who visits The Most Magical Place on Earth to find a hotel they love that is also in their price range.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for those visiting Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.

animal kingdom lodge lobby

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Because Disneyland is in the middle of a city, there is not enough space for it to be as large as its East Coast counterpart. That means that there are not nearly as many hotels and theme parks at Disneyland as there are at Walt Disney World.

As opposed to Walt Disney World’s dozens of hotel options, Disneyland Resort only has three hotels located on property: the Pixar Pier Hotel, the Disneyland Hotel, and the Grand Californian Hotel & Spa. And, unlike at Disney World, there are no Value, Moderate, and Deluxe Resorts — all the Disneyland Resort Hotels are considered Deluxe.

Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa at the Disneyland Resort

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Sadly, one guest’s experience at the Disneyland Hotel was anything but Deluxe. Instead, she was left bleeding and itchy, wondering why Disney didn’t do more.

Reddit user TesterFingYe said that they recently stayed at the classic Disneyland Hotel for two days, and it is two days that they won’t soon forget. According to OP (Original Poster), they had to deal with a severe bedbug infestation in their room. It not only affected them, but their 6-year-old daughter as well.

Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa at Disneyland Resort

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Here is what the OP had to say.

I’m staying at Disneyland Hotel. In fact, I’m typing this from the Disneyland Hotel. Fireworks going as I begin to type. Absolutely furious.

Two nights ago, my 6-year-old daughter complained of having a bunch of bug bites on her leg. Didn’t give it a second thought but we switched beds for unrelated reasons.

Today, I woke up to about 15 extremely stereotypical bed bug bites, and some blood streaks and a few black marks on the mattress. Packed up the entire family and asked to move rooms.

I didn’t ask for discounts. I didn’t ask for money for replacement stuff. I didn’t ask for upgrades. I asked for a different room. I travel for business and know this stuff can happen. But I wanted a new GD room of the exact same spec and I wanted it immediately.

Hotel – “Did you actually see a bed bug”?

Me – I have no idea what a bed bug looks like exactly, and I don’t know how to look for them properly, but there are blood streaks and black debris on the sheets where my bitten arms were. And I have these few clusters and lines of bites.

The response: “Are you going into the park today”? “Well if you’re going into the park, please just leave your stuff in that room until our Entomologist confirms the infestation”. That’s their procedure. Insane.

I have about 13 weeping bug bites all day (most on my arms). I wore sleeves in hot weather to try to keep from itching them all. My daughter had the same from the day before on her legs. Completely miserable trying to walk around and have fun. And we ruined it for the rest of our unbitten family.

I get back from California Adventure tonight and go straight back to front desk. They are quiet to try to keep other guests from hearing our conversion. They go into the back and come back and say nothing but “you’re getting a new room”.

They didn’t move our luggage. They asked if I still had my own room key to lug it myself. I go up. No Entomologist had entered, nor anyone else, as the room and beds/sheets were exactly as we had left them. They hadn’t even bothered to check in 6 hours, all while asking my family to keep my stuff there.

I’m in awe how poorly this was handled. All while I asked for nothing.

A vibrant night view of a Disneyland entrance featuring a large wizard hat and golden stars, surrounded by lush greenery and a clear blue sky.

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It is important to remember that millions of people visit Disneyland Resort every year, and thousands of them stay at one of the hotels on property. So, it is nearly impossible for Disney to prevent a guest from bringing bedbugs into the room.

That being said, one commenter — who said they used to work in housekeeping at Disney — stated that Disney should have brought a dog in to check for the bugs and compensated the guest for the stay. They also said that Disney should have given them a gift card to buy new clothes and cleaned everything they brought with them.

Disneyland Hotel

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Other commenters said that OP needed to escalate the situation and not let Disney act like the bedbugs were no big deal. Unless the bedbugs are treated with extreme heat, they will continue to breed and spread.

This is not the first time that Disney guests have accused the Mouse House hotels of having bedbugs. In fact, in 2022, Disney paid out $100,000 to a guest who suffered bedbug bites while also staying at the Disneyland Hotel in 2018.

Aerial view of the Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Resort, which recently became the stage of an active shooter hoax triggering the response of Anaheim Police forces

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Then, last September, another guest claimed that they stayed at the Art of Animation Resort during their Walt Disney World and also had to deal with the pesky little insects. They did not blame Disney, knowing that the bugs were most likely brought in by another guest, but did want to warn others to always check their rooms when they first arrive.

When visiting any hotel, there are certain things you can do when you arrive to make sure there are no bedbugs in your room. Gently lift the mattress pads and sheets on the bed and check for any little dark spots. Bedbugs are incredibly tiny. You can also check for blood spots or smears, which could be from the bugs or the prior guests.

Have you ever encountered bedbugs during your Disney vacation? Let us know in the comments!

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