Guest ‘Dress-Coded’ for Wearing a Revealing Top at the Magic Kingdom

Credit: @toragrams (left), Disney (right)

Walt Disney World has its own set of rules that Guests must follow while visiting the theme parks and resorts, but what happens if you don’t follow Disney’s rules? Well, it depends on which rule you break, but for one Guest visiting the Magic Kingdom recently she and her social media followers learned the consequences of attempting to enter a Disney Park out of dress code.

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Credit: Disney

TikTok user @toragrams recently went through the entrance of the Magic Kingdom park when she was stopped and asked to change her top as it was not in line with Walt Disney World‘s dress code standards. She was wearing a shirt with an opening fastened with string, along with shorts and tennis shoes. Take a look at the video she posted explaining what had happened below:


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Since she did not have another shirt to change into, she was escorted into a store and given a t-shirt in her size to wear that was within Disney’s dress code for the remainder of her visit to the park. @toragrams noted that Cast Members confirmed she had changed into the shirt before she was able to go about her day in the park after the dress code violation.

While some commenters on the video thought that the original top was a nice addition to her outfit, one commenter pointed out that the reason why it was considered inappropriate was that the front was held together by only strings (which could cause a problem if it was not secure enough to stay together on moving rides.)

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Walt Disney World does post all of its theme park rules (and those for visiting resorts as well as Disney Springs), including dress codes, on its official website, but still, some Guests slip through the cracks and break rules whether intentionally or not, especially in terms of attire. How a broken rule is treated really depends on each situation. If a shirt is inappropriate in the sense that it has obscene language written on it, the Guest would likely be asked to turn it inside out, but in a case like the one above where the Guest had no other option, they would need to get a new shirt altogether.

What about wearing a costume? Guests over 14 years of age are not permitted to wear a costume to Walt Disney World. They may Disney Bound, or wear regular clothes inspired by a Disney character, but full costume choices are against the rules for park attire.

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