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Have You Done Your Disney Trip Homework? Follow Our Planning Checklist

Disney Suitcase

4. Packing

This may sound premature, but effective Disney packing starts weeks (even months) before your trip. Since Florida weather is temperamental and the amount of walking is intense, it’s extremely important that you pack “smart”. This means setting aside clothes that are comfortable and weather appropriate. It also means researching useful gadgets (e.g. portable smartphone chargers, filtered water bottles, rain gear) that could make your days much more pleasant. Also, take time to document which items you use on a daily basis. Do you need to pack ear drops for the pool? Will your child only fall asleep if they hug a specific stuffed animal? Luckily, Disney gift shops and food courts can provide you with basic necessities, but some things just can’t be substituted. Don’t surprise yourself at the Magic Kingdom by realizing you forgot your reliable orthopedic sneakers! Instead, take time to write up that detailed list of “must pack” items beforehand. (And give yourself time to purchase and receive online orders well before the trip!)

5. Enjoy the Countdown!

After all of the careful planning, you can partake in my favorite step. Fully immerse yourself in anticipating the trip by scouring travel blogs, watching Disney vloggers, studying WDW history, and watching as many Disney movies as possible! Set a countdown on your phone or even make an old-fashioned poster board for your kids. Sometimes half of the fun can be in the eager wait, so make it as fun as possible! Believe it or not, you will fondly look back on these pre-trip days.
We hope that this helps you get a great head start on planning your magical Disney vacation. Trust us, not slacking on your Disney “homework” will pay off immensely.

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