Here’s What a Day at Disney World Can Look Like if You Aren’t Prepared

6. MISTAKE: You’ve been at Animal Kingdom for 9 hours already with no breaks.

And you are the parent of toddlers—toddlers who usually nap for an hour each afternoon. You and your family got to Animal Kingdom at rope drop this morning. It’s now dinnertime. You’ve been in the park for over nine hours straight, and you haven’t taken a single break or rest from all the shows, animals and rides. And instead of jumping for joy at the prospect of having pizza at Pizzafari, your little ones are inconsolable. And for the life of you, you just can’t understand why the little darlings aren’t all smiles and laughter—they’re at Disney World, for goodness sake!

SOLUTION: Don’t approach your Disney vacation like you would a triathlon. There’s no prize for “Most Attractions Experienced in a Single Day.” The prize is in just being at Disney World and in making memories with your family. When you’re planning your days in the parks, be sure to make room in your schedule for rest periods or breaks—an hour or two during which you can return to your resort, let your babies nap and take a hiatus from the crowds and the heat. You can always return to the parks later in the day—if you choose to. Don’t expect very young children to adjust to a sudden change in routine like you can—even if that change is the result of a trip to Disney.

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