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Here’s What a Day at Disney World Can Look Like if You Aren’t Prepared


5. MISTAKE: You didn’t pack extra socks.

And you’re at EPCOT. And it’s been raining. All. Day. Long. Your walking tour along the World Showcase Promenade felt more like a walking tour of the Florida swamplands because your socks are drenched, and every step makes a watery “squish” inside your shoes. The sun is just now peering out from behind the clouds, but you’re miserable—who likes walking around in slimy wet socks? And because your feet are wet, they are also cold. And because your feet are cold, you’re cold all over. Now you’re really feeling icky and uncomfortable. “My kingdom for a pair of dry socks!” you mutter under your breath.

SOLUTION: Always, always, always bring an extra pair of socks into the parks for every member of your family. Always—even if the forecast shows no possible chance for rain. Afternoon showers can (and do) pop up any day of the week in central Florida—whether the Weather Channel anchor’s crystal ball said so or not. And even if it doesn’t rain, there’s the chance that your socks will get wet when you enjoy a water ride like Kali River Rapids or Splash Mountain. Those dry socks you brought along can be the difference between a magical day and a miserable day in the parks.

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