Here's What You Should Know When Visiting Disney World

4. You Will Need Your Rest

For first-timers, it’s extremely tempting to pack every day full of activities from dawn to midnight. Resist that urge. WDW has so many incredible things to do that you’ll barely graze the tip of the iceberg! And that’s ok. If you don’t take time to sleep in, nap, or even relax at the hotel for a day – you run the risk of not enjoying your vacation. (Completing a check-list just isn’t worth the sleep deprivation!) Yes, we know WDW vacations aren’t cheap and some guests only make a once in a lifetime visit. However; when it comes down to it, you’ll be happier enjoying fewer attractions or rides after a good night’s sleep. Plus, slowing things down to really relish the experiences will make for a far more memorable trip.

5. You May Need to Alter Expectations

While WDW is the most magical spot in Orlando, even Imagineers can’t keep reality out. Attractions may break down. Your child may have a meltdown. Service may be slower during the dinner rush hour. All of these hiccups can be managed. And if something truly goes wrong, Disney’s world-class guest service will do everything they can to resolve the situation. But again, life will still present hurdles. Do your best to not let the annoyances bring you down. Pack some patience for crowds, lines, and irritants. No place is perfect, but with a dose of realistic expectations, you’ll still be wowed by the Disney experience.
With all of these expert tips, you should be ready to start planning that dream trip! We wish you the happiest of planning and the happiest of Disney trips.

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