Here’s Why You Need To Plan a “Girls Trip” to Walt Disney World

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Just when you thought a girls getaway could not get more fun- you decided to hold this friend vacay at the happiest place on earth. What can be better than Disney magic and your gal pals park hopping? Give us all the castle selfies, Dole Whips and Minnie Ears please- because they are girls trip staples! If you are brainstorming your next friend trip, you may want to consider Walt Disney World.


1. Activity Options to Fit Your Group

Is your girlfriend group full of Walt Disney World gurus or first-timers? Do your friends have a variety of interests and travel must haves? Even groups with diverse interests can have a great vacation at Walt Disney World. There are park options that span fairytale frill to highspeed thrill, so your pals can strategically select visits to Disney parks that are the most suited to your group.

Minnie Mouse

2. Way to Do Disney On A Budget

Sure, you may not think of a girls trip as a way to help your budget, but if you are craving a Disney visit- a girls trip is a more cost effective way to proceed. While park tickets and food costs will remain the same, splitting, thirding or quartering the cost of a hotel room with you buddies will make you vacation budget stretch way farther. This may mean that staying at a Walt Disney World Resort is suddenly realistic for your budget, or that you will have the savings to splurge on an even nicer resort room. Groups driving to Walt Disney World can split fuel and parking costs to stretch travel dollars even further.

All Star Movies Resort
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3. Transportation Ease

It’s no secret that the logistics of any group trip can get stressful. Coordinating transportation plans, arrival times, car sizes and pick-up/drop-off points can be a pain. Lucky for you, this is another department where Disney does it best. Group trips are one of the times it pays to stay at a Walt Disney World Resort, just to reap the transportation benefits. A girls trip at Walt Disney World means you can forget the logistics when you park the car at your resort and let Disney do the driving for the rest of your trip. Hop a Disney bus, Skyliner, Boat, Ferry, or Monorail to the parks and other parts of the property.

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4. All the Matching Shirts

Did you even do Walt Disney World if you don’t have the (matching) t-shirts to prove it? A big perk of a girls trip is there is no need to explain the appeal of coordinating outfits, matching park tees or Minnie Ears to the girls. Chances are, your friends will be pretty excited to plan park outfits and be gung-ho for all things matching and cliché. A girls trip is the perfect time to embrace the fun with matching fanny packs, bright Minnie Ears, and favorite princess themed gear.

rose gold minnie ears
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5. Ride Buddies

Experiencing Walt Disney World attractions with friends, takes the fun to another level. Maybe its posing for crazy ride photos on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin with your ride buddy or laughing yourself silly when your friend freaks out on The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Taking a Disney vacation with friends is the quickest way to make special new memories at Walt Disney World even if you’ve visited dozens of times.

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6. Snack Sharing

Everyone knows girls gotta have their snacks and sips! Sure, you can eat and drink around World Showcase at Epcot or snag a Dole Whip in Adventureland solo, but sharing treats with friends means you can sample even more. Some Disney eats are even marketed as shareable orders so a girls trip means you have to have a snacking crew in tow to indulge.

Dole Whip
Dole Whip

7. Enjoy Disney Your Way

Group trips mean a variety of rhythms, routines, travel quirks and diverging plans could arise. A girls trip at Disney is good idea for groups looking to cater to different tastes. With the convenience of free transportation, your crew is free to split and head back to the resort for pool time or to recharge and refresh before dinner while others stay in the park. Gal groups looking to save on park tickets can tailor their trip to spend a day in the park and spend the rest of their vacation pool lounging, noshing, sipping and shopping. Those looking to pick up a new skill on vacay can take a horseback riding or archery class and the sportier set can hit the tennis courts, fitness center or golf course during the stay. A Walt Disney World vacation offers surprising flexibility for groups that allows everyone to capitalize on their favorite things while still enjoying the cohesiveness of a group trip.

8. Disney Service

Getting a group to commit to, budget for and gather for a girls trip is a big undertaking. We know you want it to go seamlessly and want your friends to have the time of their life. Regardless of which resort you call home during your girls trip, you can rest assured the level of service with Disney is top notch. Answering questions, providing last minute toiletries you forgot to pack, recommending a delicious restaurant or snapping a great group photo, are all things Disney Cast Members are ready to assist with.

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