Hidden Gems Around the Animal Kingdom Your Family Will Love

The headliner at Disney’s Animal Kingdom may still be Pandora: World of Avatar, but here’s the truth. This park was a treasure trove worth exploring long before this expansion came to be. The stunning scenery, mouth-watering refreshments, and gigantic animal reserve are enough to earn the Animal Kingdom a place of honor. In support of Disney fans who have stood by this nature-loving and respecting park, let’s talk about the many hidden gems one can find in this spectacular venue. All you have to do is look up from your park map!



Rare Character Sightings

For guests that love autographs and photos, this park is a gold mine. Not only can Mickey and friends be found in special safari gear, but “less common” characters are available for magical meetings. Fans of Disney’s Pocahontas can meet the noble heroine on the Discovery Island Trails. Seasoned visitors that remember the hit show, DuckTales, can meet Launchpad McQuack and the miserly Scrooge McDuck within DinoLand U.S.A. Up lovers can hug Russell and even hear Dug talk through his high-tech collar at Discovery Island - Kevin can also be found walking around outside of Up - a Great Bird Adventure! And most intriguing of all, guests may spot DiVine gracefully wandering the park. This unique character (who can only be found in the Animal Kingdom) is a literal walking vine. (Specifically, she looks like a beautiful woman covered in vines, leaves, and other colorful foliage.) Whatever character you spot, it’s sure to be an enchanting experience so have your phones ready at all times.

Nemo Show

Unique Entertainment

While Disney is no stranger to singing and dancing shows, the Animal Kingdom offerings have their own flavor. For starters, “Up! A Great Bird Adventure” combines the talents of rare, exotic birds and beloved characters from Up to create a spectacular show. Enjoy the antics of birds who sing, perform tricks, and fly in unison within an arm’s reach of the audience. If you can’t get enough of death-defying stunts, then you’ll want to head over to the “Festival of the Lion King” presentation. This indoor Lion King musical revue features musicians, dancers, acrobatics, and performers who fly through the air! This extremely popular show is often a standing-room-only affair. And lastly, lovers of less-traditional musicals shouldn’t miss “Finding Nemo- The Musical”. This heartwarming, 40-minute presentation features gorgeous puppetry and original music from the songwriters of Frozen. If the air-conditioned and spacious auditorium isn’t enough to beckon you, then the hummable songs and tear-jerking moments will surely win you over. Actually, all of these shows will win you over, so do your best to fit all of them into your itinerary.

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