Honeymooning at Disney – 8 Reasons Disney is The Perfect Post-Wedding Destination!

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Honeymooning at Walt Disney World is the most magical experience that you could ever imagine! If you are a Disney lover anyway, Disney World is definitely the place for you and your new spouse to spend your honeymoon! At Disney World, you have the opportunity to act like children but also have a little bit of romance! In this article, we will explore why Disney World is the perfect place for a honeymoon!

8. Epcot World Showcase

Maybe your dream honeymoon was to travel all around the world, but to still have the magic of Disney World. Well look no further! At Epcot’s World Showcase, you can travel all through different countries in just one days visit! It truly is magical to walk from Canada to France and even to Morocco! You get the experience of different countries all in a magical, Disney way! It is also cool to not only meet characters from Disney movies whose movies take place in the country but also to meet real people who work at Disney who have lived in the country. You can be a world traveler all within the vicinity of Disney World!

7. The Food.

Oh the food! You are supposed to splurge and eat really good food on your honeymoon and at Disney World, you can do just that! Going along with Epcot’s World Showcase, you can enjoy the different cuisines from all of the different countries! If you’re not searching for a different cuisine, you can have a great steak from the Be Our Guest restaurant or tilapia from the Coral Reef Restaurant. I also would encourage you to purchase the Dining Plan. It is very worth it and it makes things go a lot smoother! It’s hassle free and totally worth it!

Honeymooners At Disney

Honeymooners At Disney

6. You are Free to Act like a Child.

Let’s face it. You still feel like a child sometimes, and really who doesn’t want to feel free to act like that. At Disney World, you can do just that! Every newlywed couple wants to feel free to act like a young couple that is so in love. When I went to Disney World on my honeymoon, my husband and I had the best time skipping around, riding silly kid rides, and just being ourselves as we always try to be. It is so much fun skipping around and being silly in love.

5. You can wear matching shirts. (Or Ears!)

This was one of my favorite parts of our honeymoon. My husband and I wore matching Mr. & Mrs. Shirts. One had Mickey and Minnie Mouse on them and the other was Star Wars themed. My husband didn’t seem too excited about the Mickey and Minnie shirts, but since Star Wars is now owned by Disney, we wore those shirts too and he LOVED them! We received so many compliments on our shirts and it was nice to be able to flaunt our newly married status. Or you can buy matching Mickey Mouse Ears! It’s one of the most popular souvenirs and it’s cute! It is fun and totally worth it and everyone thinks it’s great!

4. You can try something new.

Don’t be afraid to try something new that you might never do otherwise. Take a private boat ride around Epcot; ride those rides that you might have a fear of; eat food from a different culture in Epcot’s World Showcase. It’s totally worth it to experience new things with your new spouse. I promise it will be something you always remember and will cherish.

3. It can still be romantic.

Disney World can be the most fun place on Earth but it can also be a very romantic place. There are special things you can do around Disney World to keep your honeymoon romantic such as going on a private boat ride across the lake in Epcot or having flowers, chocolates, and champagne sent to your room. Even though you are at Disney World where there is a lot of fun I know that you will still want a bit of romance on your honeymoon! It’s your honeymoon for crying out loud! Eat a restaurant where it’s a bit quieter and you have a view of the fireworks; or you can find quiet places around your resort and just sit and relax with your new spouse; or you can split a milkshake from an ice cream shop and watch a parade. Romance on your honeymoon is a MUST and you will appreciate it when looking back on your honeymoon in the future.

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2. You receive well-wishes.

Everywhere you go in Disney World if you wear the “Just Married” buttons, you receive compliments and congratulations. It very nice to hear people say congratulations and to help you celebrate your new lives together as a married couple. Even the characters get into swing and celebrate your new marital status with super hugs or high fives!

1. You sometimes receive special treatment.

Where else but at Disney World would you receive special VIP treatment just because you are married! When my husband I went, we received free champagne, balloons in our room, and even VIP seating for the Electrical parade in Magic Kingdom! Now not every newly married couple gets super special treatment, and a lot of times, a congratulations is all you get, but even that is awesome in itself!

A honeymoon at Disney World is not only awesome but is unique as well! There are so many things that you can experience on your Disney honeymoon that you will not be able to experience anywhere else! I know that my honeymoon was the most magical, fun, and romantic trip I had ever been on! I hope that this article has given you a look and at just how magical a Disney Honeymoon can be!

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