How Disney Cruise Line May Change After The Viral Crisis

Disney Cruise Line
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It’s fair to say that things will be very different when the ships finally set sail again. After all, cruise ships the world over were among some of the worst-hit locations when the viral crisis first began some three months ago, and so naturally they require stricter measures.


For starters, you can at the very least expect similar measures to those currently being adopted at Walt Disney World’s Disney Springs, Resorts, and Parks, such as temperature screenings, masks, and reduced hours for events. But what else might be put in place? Let’s take a look at what procedures have been officially confirmed and what’s more than likely to be introduced.

10. Social Dining

Mingling with fellow Guests is almost a tradition on any cruise, but while Disney would never wish to discourage social interaction, given the social distancing restrictions, dining with tablemates outside your own travelling group – at least in close proximity – may no longer be on the cards while travelling with Disney Cruise Line for the foreseeable future.

9. Character Greetings

Character Greetings aren’t just a part of Disney World – you can meet your favorite Disney heroes on any one of Disney Cruise Line’s ships too. However, Disney has announced they will not resume character meet and greets when the Disney Parks until further notice. It would be wise to expect some changes for the cruise line as well. But even if this means maintaining a reasonable distance or a simple no-contact rule, these experiences will continue to be magical nonetheless.

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8. Limited Capacity

As with any ship, cruise line or not, Disney Cruise Line’s luxurious ships each offer limited capacity. But this will likely be restricted furthermore due to the ongoing viral crisis. While it wouldn’t exactly be cost beneficial to set sail with a bare minimum Guest population, you can at the very least expect there to be far less passengers on board the next time you travel.

7. Social Distancing

While social distancing will obviously be much easier with less people on board, it’s still something that will continue into the foreseeable future, whether on land or at sea. So even with an overall limited capacity on board, expect the same social distancing measures to be adopted at dining experiences, entertainment venues, night-time events and beyond.

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6. Crew Member Training

Crew Members are currently undergoing additional training to be able to perform their regular tasks and duties, as well as shouldering the added responsibility of working during an ongoing viral crisis. This will very likely involve being able to identify Guests who might show symptoms of the virus, and also how to deal with a potential outbreak on board.

5. On-Board Medics

As well as newly-trained Crew Members, you can also expect more nurses and doctors to accompany you on your journey. They will, of course, be best trained to assess symptoms, deal with sick patients and help prevent the spread of infection among Guests. It’s also likely that every passenger will be required to make frequent visits to the on-board professionals during their journey.

4. No More Self-Service Buffets

It will come as no surprise that self-service food buffets will probably become a thing of the past, and this won’t just be restricted to Disney Cruise Line. On board, though, it makes perfect sense to do away with such experiences. After all, they increase the risk of spreading viruses exponentially. But don’t worry – you can still expect mouth-watering dishes during your Disney Cruise Line voyage.

3. Enhanced Housekeeping Services

It has been confirmed that Staterooms will be cleaned and maintained more frequently than usual on a daily basis, as well as thorough sanitization, to help reduce the risk of spreading viruses. So there may very well be times during the day when Guests aren’t permitted to use their Staterooms.

2. Frequent Health Screenings – Before, During & After

Without a single shred of doubt, robust health screenings – which will include temperate checks – will be implemented for anyone wishing to travel with Disney Cruise Line. But don’t expect to be in the clear once you step foot on-board, as these screenings will continue during your voyage, and before you depart the ship at journey’s end too, for the safety of all passengers and those in the outside world.

1. Self-Quarantining If Sick While On Board

It’s not all down to Disney and the Crew Members, though. All Guests will be required to follow basic health and safety guidelines, as well as using their common sense. Anyone showing symptoms of coronavirus will be expected to notify a Crew Member immediately and self-quarantine in their Stateroom during their time on-board.For a full list of impacted cruise departure dates, check out the official Disney Cruise Line website here. 

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