50th Anniversary

How Disney’s 50th Anniversary Year Is Likely To Be Different Considering The Viral Crisis

Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebrations are set to take place next year, and knowing the resort this will be an all-year-round event. But the big question currently facing 2021 is how the current viral crisis is affecting the preparations. The details might be unknown, but it’s fair to say that production and development – at least on the ground – has been temporarily stalled.

The chances are that some aspects of 2021 will be delayed, or perhaps even cancelled altogether. After all, there’s no telling how the next few weeks or months will unfold, or when the resort might reopen. And while it will most likely reopen this year, it’s also possible the doors could stay closed until 2021. For now, let’s remind ourselves what’s on the horizon, and how they might be affected by the current crisis.

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