How to Become a Princess at Disney Parks in 10 Not-So-Easy Steps

Snow White

2. Think On Your Feet

Let’s just say that as a Disney princess, you will need to be able to address, handle and/or respond to any comment, situation or scenario that may arise while you are in character in the parks. Kids and adults alike say and do the strangest things at times. A quick wit, professionally delivered will be key. We’ll leave it at that.

1. Deep Love for Disney

This requirement should really go without saying. After all, if your dream is to embody the character of a Disney princess at Walt Disney World, surely you’re already a Disney fan. And if you aren’t crazy about Disney, this role is probably not a good fit for you. The characters in the parks exude a palpable excitement about, and love for Disney, the Disney Magic and even for the wonder of childhood. You will experience frustration and burnout if you don’t also have an almost tangible love for all things Disney.
Now that you know what it takes to be a princess in the Disney parks, are you still interested? If so, you can check out audition schedules at Good luck and have fun!

By Becky B.

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