How To Do Disney Parks on a Rainy Day!

Rainy Disney

Walt Disney World in Florida opened on October 1, 1971 and today is the most visited vacation resort in the world, with an annual attendance of more than 52 million visitors. This world famous theme park is preparing for its 50thGolden Anniversary Celebration with new attractions, rides, parades, fireworks displays, and new or renovated Disney Resort Hotels.  A Disney World vacation is like a dream come true for many families around the world, and for some families it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Every moment of a Disney vacation is precious and bad or unexpected weather should not hamper your dream vacation in any way, shape, or form.  It does rain a lot in Florida, mostly afternoon rain showers which usually dissipate quickly, but if you’re between some areas or just disembarking a bus, these showers can catch you off guard and you may become drenched.  Let’s explore ways to deal with rainy days that may arise while you’re at one of the theme parks.

1.  Disney World’s “Rainy Day Cavalcade”/Magic Kingdom

Sometimes the rain is too intense and not safe for the Disney dancers, floats, and cast members to be out on the streets for the regular scheduled parade.  On those occasions when the weather is not cooperating, Disney has a backup plan called “Disney’s Rainy Day Cavalcade”, a delightful substitute.  Disney characters jump in antique cars and double-decker buses for a ride down Main Street while cast members dressed in colorful raincoats, galoshes, and floppy rain hats dance and splash in puddles, interacting with guests along the parade route. The musical score for this unique parade is, of course, “Singin’ in the Rain”.  This parade shows Disney’s appreciation for their steadfast Disney fans who refuse to let the rain spoil their fun.  Look at it this way—not every Disney visitor gets to experience this rainy day parade.

2.  When the Rain Begins, Stay Within

If you’re lucky enough to be inside a shop, restaurant, or indoor dark ride, stay put.  Many rides or attractions have covered areas where you can wait out the rain, and if you’re in a restaurant or shop, linger a little longer.  It’s better to wait a few minutes than spend the rest of the day trying to dry out. The rain is usually short lived, so sit a little longer in a restaurant, shop a little more in a Disney store, or remain undercover until the rain subsides. 

3.  Watch Out For Puddles

Florida weather can be unpredictable, but those familiar afternoon rain showers can blow in and out rather quickly, sometimes before you can get into your poncho or raise your umbrella. 

There are times, however, when a thunderstorm may arrive with lightning, thunder, and a lot of rain lasting longer than usual.  These rain showers are heavy and the drainage systems can become overloaded, leaving lots of deep puddles.  If you and your family decide to make a run for it, mind the puddles.  They may look small, but some can be as much as 2 or 3inches deep.  I highly recommend bringing a pair of Crocs Clogs, Crocs sandals, or flip flops in your backpack or tote, to switch into so you don’t have wet feet for the rest of the day.  Clothes will dry quickly, but walking around the parks in wet sneakers is not very comfortable.

4.  Splishin’ and a Splashin’

For those Disney fans who refuse to let rain dampen their spirits, and there is no lightning or thunder, they may choose to enjoy those rain puddles.  Not only is it fun to make a splash, but guests who are walking by or running by will be entertained by your enjoyment, and some may even join you in your frivolity.  Be careful, though, not to splash other people who wish to remain somewhat dry. These are the times that create those special memorable moments of a Disney vacation.  Unexpected happenings make your Disney experience even more magical.

5.  Be Prepared

Because of Florida’s changing weather, it’s a good idea to plan ahead for the possibility of an afternoon or evening rain shower.  Pack disposable ponchos available at many retail stores, usually quite cheap.  Buy several in mixed sizes, and since you’re not spending a lot on them, simply throw them away after the rain.  Who wants to put a wet poncho in their backpack or tote, or carry them around the rest of the day?  If you’ve brought a small collapsible umbrella, be sure to bring a zip lock bag to put it in after the rain.

6.  Disney’s Got Your Back

If you are not really into packing a lot of extras, don’t worry, Disney parks are prepared for any changing weather conditions.  As soon as the clouds roll in, the Disney ponchos and umbrellas roll out.  On a sunny day, you can walk into any Disney Park shop and will not see a rain poncho or umbrella anywhere.  Once the rain begins, however, you can walk into a Disney shop, and you will be able to purchase a Disney poncho or Disney umbrella which will have magically appeared at every checkout counter.  


7.  Visit a Disney Resort Hotel

During a rain storm, catch a bus or ride a monorail to one of Disney’s magnificent Resort Hotels.  Have a meal at one of the many themed restaurants, check out all the unique shopping, or just kick back and take a break and enjoy the surroundings.  In fact, why not visit several Disney Hotels.  It’s a good way to avoid the rain and browse those resorts you have been curious about.

Bonus Tip!

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8.  Visit Disney Springs

When it looks like rain you can catch a bus to Disney Springs, a huge outdoor shopping, entertainment, and dining complex.  Even though it is an outdoor shopping center, many of the restaurants and shops are very close together, so you can shop hop or grab a quick meal while waiting for the storm to blow over.  There is so much to see and do at Disney Springs that you will probably want to hang around even after the rain stops.  A rainy day at a Disney Park is not a downer but an opportunity to create fantastic memories. It’s really quite humorous watching visitors running and splashing on their way to get to a dry spot.  There are no tears or angst, just smiles and laughter at the “drenching”.  Just look at the faces of small children splashing in those rain puddles.  Adults can also get a kick out of being a kid again and splash in a few of those puddles themselves.  At Walt Disney World, the weather is what it is, and Disney fans just “go with the flow”, even if it “overflows”.

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