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How To Get Ready For A Disney Cruise

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There’s no denying the fact that a Disney cruise requires far less preparation than a Disney World vacation. Still, there are some things you’ll definitely want to do in order to be fully prepared for your vacation on the Mouse’s ship.  Do you have a Disney cruise coming up? Here are some of the things you’ll want to do after booking but before you set sail.

Invest in Insurance

Disney cruises, just like all Disney vacations, are far from cheap. While we fully believe a Disney cruise is well worth the cost, it would be a shame to lose your vacation fund due to illness or accident. For this reason, we highly recommend investing in travel insurance.

Get a Passport

Some cruises will require you to have a passport. Others may not require it, but it is still a good idea to have one on hand. Therefore, if you don’t have one already, we recommend applying for a passport right away. Remember, getting your passport can take a while, so be sure you allow plenty of time.

Create an Account

The Disney Cruise Line website gives you an opportunity to create an online account, which then helps you plan certain aspects of your vacation. One of the first things we like to do after booking a Disney Cruise is create our cruise account and have a look around the website.

Check In Online

Checking in online will make check-in at the port go much smoother. Therefore, we highly recommend doing this.  Depending on when you book, you may be able to check in right away. However, in many cases you will have to wait until a certain date. If you do have to wait, you should receive an email reminder to go through this process. Do it as soon as possible so you can pick the port arrival time that is best for you.  Keep in mind that this will also be your opportunity to make any special requests, such as requesting a certain dinner seating time.

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