How To Know Which Disney Experiences You Should Have and What You Should Avoid

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If we’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: there are many, many things to do during a Walt Disney World Vacation. With classic attractions, thrilling rides, and the additions in Fantasyland, the pressure has only increased to enjoy every individual experience that is offered. This is, of course, a travesty; a Disney vacation should always be anything but stressful for visitors, and even though it might seem tempting to approach your trip like a long list of things to check off, you must resist the urge to cram! Do not fear; your vacation can be both satisfying and relaxing, with these four basic tips!

4) Remember that this is your vacation, not anyone else’s. Not everyone’s Disney magic is the same, so if your neighbor told you all about the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and how much she loved it, that does not mean that you are immediately obligated to love it, too! Perhaps you prefer parades to anything else, or perhaps you’d rather go on It’s A Small World six times than go on Expedition Everest. Whether you’re a show-lover, a foodie, or a thrill-seeker, you need to remember that your Disney vacation–and your Disney magic–are yours and yours alone, so enjoy Walt Disney World your way!

3) Keep your group in mind. You should certainly make time for attractions that you want to do, as per #4; however, attractions that allow your entire family to share in the fun will be that much more enjoyable! Considering your traveling companions’ preferences and ages will also help you narrow down your itinerary, as well; small children might not love The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, while your parents might not love the Alice in Wonderland-themed Mad Tea Party. When in doubt, head for attractions with universal appeal: shows like The Festival of the Lion King, the Wishes Nighttime Spectacular, and Ellen’s Energy Adventure are all crowd-pleasers! And, of course, there’s always the wonderful safari in the Animal Kingdom to give everyone some awestruck moments.

2) Acknowledge your–and your companions’–general tendencies. Does your family struggle to wake up early, or are they raring to go in the morning? Do your family and friends do well in the heat, or will they prefer a trip to a water park in the afternoon? When it comes to picking attractions for your group, everyone’s personal habits are relevant. Perhaps you know that your friends will hit a slump in the afternoon, then be up for a late-night in the Magic Kingdom afterwards; in that case, you can choose to spend the afternoons in some relatively slow-paced indoor rides (like the Pirates of the Caribbean) before a leisurely dinner. Then you and your group can head into the evening with renewed energy–and full stomachs!

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1) Listen to your most basic instincts. If you give yourself too much time to analyze whether or not an attraction is right for you, then you’re bound to end up with a more stressful and doubt-ridden decision (although, of course, you’re already at an advantage, since Walt Disney World does not have a single attraction or ride that is actually really “bad”). So, instead of taking a minute to decide between Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad–a weighty choice, indeed–just go with the one that you instantly find yourself excited to see! And if you find yourself understandably torn between the two, then you’ll just have to make time for both. Ah, Disney problems.

It might seem daunting to face an entire list of Disney’s offerings, and be expected to select only the most crucial experiences. However, if you focus on what you already know about your own vacation goals, and the goals of your fellow Disney-goers, then you will find trip-planning to be far more enjoyable. When you’re actually in the parks, focus on what you and your companions’ feelings are actually telling you, and just do the rides that you really want! Then, at the very least, you can go home knowing that you didn’t skip over any attractions that were really speaking to you. It’s better to leave some stones unturned in favor of the ones that you really want–and you might find that you end up with some free time for those other “stones” anyway, especially if you try them when everyone else is distracted by parades or shows that you’ve already seen! Just remember to leave a bit of space in your day-to-day schedule for improvisation; after all, Disney is full of surprising magic, and you never know when some extra magic might come your way! (That extra time will also give you some freedom when it comes to resting on a carousel–the best kind of bench!–or savoring a particularly delectable meal.)

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