How To Prepare For A Disney Cruise

Mickey Mouse Cruise

Book Reservations and Excursions

Port adventures, specialty dining, babysitting, and the spa are all examples of things that can (and often should) be booked in advance of your DCL cruise. Your booking window for these things will depend on how many times you’ve sailed with DCL, but we recommend booking as soon as your window opens up in order to have the biggest selection of dates and times.

Join the Facebook Group for Your Sailing

In most cases, a fellow passenger will make a Facebook Group for your sailing. It’s fun to be a part of these groups, as they allow you to get to know your fellow shipmates before you sail. Sometimes special meet-and-greets are planned for the members of the group, so watch for this if you’d like to attend such an event.

Sign Up for a Fish Extender Group

Another reason to join the Facebook Group is for the fish extender experience. Fish extenders are pockets that are hung from the fish outside of your stateroom door. Members of your fish extender group will leave gifts in your fish extender throughout the trip, and you will return the favor.  Usually, you can join a fish extender gift exchange—as well as any other gift exchanges happening on the ship, such as sock and/or ornament exchanges—on the Facebook Group created for your sailing.

Pick Up and Pack Cruise-Specific Items

Obviously, you’ll need things like underwear and a swimsuit, but there are many cruise-specific items you might want to gather. These include:

  • A fish extender
  • Fish extender gifts
  • A refillable cup for the soda station
  • A waterproof phone holder
  • A lanyard for your room key
  • Door magnets and decorations
  • Disney costumes for kids
  • Formal wear

Download the DCL App

Did you know Disney Cruise Line has an app? They do, and it’s incredibly useful during your cruise. Not only will you be able to see the ship schedule from the app throughout your cruise, you can also use it to communicate with other passengers even while in the middle of the ocean with no cell service.  Make sure to download this app before you board. You won’t regret it!

Call Your Credit Card Company

Finally, we highly recommend calling your credit card company or bank before hitting the high seas. Why? Many credit card companies and banks will freeze your account if they see activity that seems suspicious. Purchases made in another state or country are definitely suspicious. Therefore, you will want to let the right people know your plans in order to avoid a problem with your card during your vacation.

Do these things and you’ll be well prepared for your Disney Cruise vacation. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get started now so you can relax and enjoy your cruise the second it begins!

By Chelsea

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